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Hosts: Spacey, Mako

Guests: SissyBecky,

Spacey: Youíre listening to the Big Little Podcast Season number 2, a show by, about and for age players of all kinds.

Mako: We expect our audience to be mature, consenting adults because sometimes the topics on our show are pretty adult too, just like you. If you are under 18 and looking for upfront advice about sex, please visit[intro music~! ???]

Spacey: Welcome to the Big Little Podcast, a show by, about and for age players of all kinds. I'm Spacey and I'm here with my brother Mako.

Mako: That's me! Woohoo! Once again, I'm afraid, no May today.

Spacey: Indeed, we are May-less. She is still studying. It's the funny thing about having school and tests and having to write things that kick your butt.

Mako: Yeah, but ya know, she's not the only person doing some learning. We've got some learning to do tonight, about rubber and latex and plastic fetishes. Don't we brother.

Spacey: And about our guests, I think.

Mako: So we should introduce them.

Spacey: Indeed. I would like to start by learning about... eeny, meeny, miney, mo, catch a tiger by his toe. If he hollers, let him go. Sissy Becky

SissyBecky: Yes! I win. I'm Sissy Becky and I'm new to the show. I've been a concious age player since about 15 [years old] but I've always had the inclinations. And I used to

Spacey: So you were unconscious prior to age 15.

Sissy Becky: Yeah

Mako: So it became legitimate age player as Ted Aiken would say.

Sissy Becky: Yeah. I also used to run a website. I used to run Surprise, surprise.

Spacey: Which I loooved!

Mako: Fabulous!

Spacey: Sissy Becky's nursery. I remember. It was awesome.

Sissy Becky: Yeah. I was sad, but I had to take it down.

Mako: It was very pink and very wonderful. So, I'll introduce our other guest and that would be, long time listener, first time panelist, you know 'im, you love 'im. It's Bamm Bamm.

Bamm Bamm: Hi. I have been into age play since I was about 16. It's probably a little over 15 years and I have more kinks but age play has been the one thing I started out with and it's what I love.

Mako: It's awesome

Spacey: Woot. Indeed. Well gosh, we already hit it at the very beginning I can't really ask ìHow did you get involved in age playî unless someone tied you up at 15 and 16.

Bamm Bamm: My involvement started with, I had a vehicle accident that I was responsible for and I couldn't do anything but wait for an outcome which would be a couple months. So at that point, I was already looking around different Yahoo categories, fetishes, kinks. And I found DPF. And when I found that I began to find some kind of an avenue where I could escape to.. to bide that time while I waited. And over the years, I kinda threw stuff out, gave it up, ìIt's not natural,î back and forth, back and forth. About 5 years later, I realized it's a part of my that's never going away so I started embracing it, indulging it.

Mako:And saving money, by not throwing stuff away!

Bamm Bamm: yes. Making the same mistakes over and over and over

Mako: What about you Emporer Herohito. I mean Becky. That's just an in-joke. How did you get started and did you go through the boom and bust cycles too?

Sissy Becky: I was extremely fortunate because I got started on a BBS. I managed to somehow get access to an adult BBS. And I met somebody who was an adult baby or was more a diaper lover. We got talking and he was telling me about his experience and I was just like ìOh my god. That's me... Oh wait that's me some more. Still me. It was a little bit mind blowing but because I had this individual who was willing to take me under his wing, I had the feeling that it was okay and that it was ultimately okay and I consider myself so lucky because of that. But it's only because of that reason.

Spacey: So, the important question was, you were on a BBS, what was the speed of your modem?

Sissy Becky: 2400

Mako: The Cadillac of modems back in the day

Spacey: Indeed. Hayes compatible of course

Sissy Becky: it had little plastic stilts with the cables and ribbons and the table part

Mako: Is that where the plastic fetish began? With the hard case of the modem?

SB: My modem was metal so not there. Ö But the stilts were plastic because they weren't built in back then.

BB: They were rubber

SB: You had the high end

M: So the question is, for either of you, how did you go from age play to ìI think I'm interested in rubber, or I wanna mix them or I'm interested in latex or plastic and see how they go together.î Was it the age play first and then that or the other way around or

Sp: Simultaneous For me it, even from a young age, I was always attracted to weird things. I would say about the time I was in first grade in school, our parents had us on a swim team and I used to see the females who would all put their hair up in the buns and put the little swim caps on. And for some reason, I wanted one but I didn't know why, I just liked it. I liked the look of it. I liked the feel of it, liked the thought of it and I wouldn't say that that really started anything but I can see it as early back then as having maybe interesting sensations, if you will. Other guest: for me, growing up I was always kind of interested in pacifiers and baby bottles. It was definitely the rubber nipple, again, that's more on the unconscious side. I didn't have words like ìI'm into age playî and it only cropped up like once every three or fours years. And another experience which I think was really forming for me was a rubber nasal hood that they put on me at the dentist

Mako: interesting

og that was a huge part of my fetishism

Mako: I want to come and dig in a little more on this. Was it the texture of it, the taste, the smell...

og: Well you don't taste the nasal hood. It was the smell. It was the texture. I think there was also a lot of conflation between having the hood on and also being at the dentist and being in this place of powerlessness.

M: right

og:Being so you g at time, it was such an intense period. I think a lot of wires got crossed that

M: Oh, I agree with that completely. I'm as, as anyone who listens to this show will tell you, I like live through my nose. And to me the mix of certain soft, baby-like smells with behaviorally difficult conditions is really appealing to me, like the smell of lotion or a fresh disposable diaper while I'm naked getting held down. Yeah, that's really... yeah... that's what I'm saying

.: not me

M: you lie like a rug sir.

Sp: indeed. So how about for you Bamm Bamm?

BB: I would say probably my first real experience in that was my parents all grew up in the medical field one way or another and somewhere along the way, I fell in love with medical gloves. The sound of 'em the feel of 'em. It was just something about them. Not so much the smell, but the feel of them. I would say.

Mako: and the snap right?

BB: yeah, I love, absolutely. Although you can only do that so many times on yourslef before it hurts.

Sp: What's the problem with it hurting?

BB: The snap.

SP: Yeah, what's the problem with it hurting?

M: If it hurts for you it's not a problem for my brother. It's actually better for him.

BB: For me, it just took off into more of an all around medical fetish from there.but you know, even without the medical fetish, the gloves by themselves, the sensation of them is incredible. From the thickness to the color. It's a sensation euphoria.

M: Do you make any difference between latex gloves and nitrile gloves? Is one better?

BB: I like the fact that the nitrile comes in colors but they'll never be as good as the rubber ones in my opinion.

M: yeah

BB: It's just not the same.

Sp: It's just kind of interesting, I haven't zeroed in on the rubber side of the fetish per se but I can say that I've always been interested at least tangentially in the plastic side. And I think it's a natural outgrowth of ageplay in particular, being an adult baby for me, right. The plastic backed disposable diapers of even the very first diapers I made for myself, ;being made out of the plastic grocery bags and putting those up over my hips and the sensation of that plastic against my skin. I also remember coming to a party that you hosted that Crissy attended at one point.

M: oh man

Sp: Crissy had this awesome little plastic pink dress. That was AWESOME! And I got to try it on.

.: plastic dresses are the bomb. I can tell you that. They are the bomb. There's something about being wrapped in that freezing cold, sissy pink plastic and then having it warm up and then it warms up some more and it gets all sweaty and then there's the smell... yeah, I could gush on for long so I won't.

M: Honestly I'm with you there. I mean, for me, it wasn't like, plastic dresses so much but plastic pants and

. yeah

M: it's almost counter-intuitive for me because I really like disposables, i'm not a cloth diaper guy. I have them. I've used them. They're not my favorite. You don't really need plastic pants over a disposable. They're sort of more hassle than they're worth. At least in my opinion.

Sp: but it makes nice extra rustle

M: It does! And that waddle thing, ya know. Molicare diapers, which I had worn for a while, even though they're purple like barney so I hated them and they fall down with a little pee and gravity like nobodies business are made much more practical and palitable by a good pair of plastic pants. In my opinion

.: yeah, because everything by the Mollicare just falls apart and shrivels inside even if it stays up

M: It's true

Sp: And of course if somebody were maybe wearing some plastic pants while they were wearing some of the things in the hot tub might have been a Ö.

Make: not that we're speaking of anyone in particular. One of the streamies, Kitty, recommends a site called which I guess could be a streamie show note. I've never gotten anything from them, although I've gotten plastic pants from a company called fetware, which is also a show note

Sp: I do want to clarify there that Kitty isn't vouching for the site. She is asking about the site.

.: I've looked at a bunch of stuff on there. The only issue I had was the onsies. My length that I've always ordered those in was 38î but in order to get theirs pre-done in a 38î length, it goes out to 54î wide. So I would look like one of the oompa loompas or something like that. So the only issue I've ever had with them, I love the look of some of there stuff but the sizing seems a little bit weird. And I can't say that about everything. But their sizing seems a little bit off. So when I'm spending money, I like to know what I'm getting so I've just been hesitant to order from them. But I should probably send them an email and find out

M: What about for rubber pants and rubber clothes? Where's a good place for that?

.: the only place I've ever found was, I had a pair of actual, thick, gum-rubber pants probably five years ago, I found one pair on eBay. That's been the only place I've ever really found them. Now there are some German sites, I think. I'd have to look. I think some of the German sites have had them but as far as American, I haven't found much actual rubber.

-: I'm going to vouch for the German sites, not that I've purchased them from Germany. I'm sure the shipping is going to be prohibitive. But there does seem ;to be a lot more rubber fetishism in general in Germany.

M: So, local pants wetter and streamie member, DiaperboyDC, Hi buddy, has a question, ìWhat's the distinct difference between plastic and rubber pants?î

.: There are too many The smell, the texture. Rubber pants can stretch everywhere. And that adds a lot to the experience where as plastic pants don't stretch at all. But plastic pants are gonna crinkle. Rubber pants are going to rustle. The smell is a lot different. The feeling against your skin is a lot different. It's two different animals.

Sp: How about how you care for them?

.: i'm not particularly great at caring for plastic or rubber pants. I know that rubber is best if you use baby powder. For plastic pants, the one thing that I've learned is never, never, never put them in the dryer

M: yeah

Sp: little lump of plastic pants is left?

.: yeah, the rubber ones that I own were unfinished. They looked almost like a stick of bubble gum and I ;had them for probably three or four years and I never did anything but just rinse them here and there. And I never had any issue with them.

M: for me, part of the issue with plastic pants, and I do love them. But my favorite are the training pants that have a terry lining inside them. I love the way that feels and I love the crinkle sound from the outside. It's the care. You know I wash them by hand with some Woolite in the sink and that's great. But then I'd have to hang them over the shower or something to give them time to dry. It's something I

Sp: you're supposed to put them outside in the sun, right next to your neighbor's wash

M: not as easy when you're living in a highrise apartment, which I ;don't any more but I still wouldn't do it here either.

.: you're not supposed to hang them up one at a time either, you're supposed to wait until you have a whole stock and hang them all up at one time.

    • laughter**

M: Where's the mysterious waiting room for the semi-soiled plastic pants? Where do you keep them?

.: I don't know as long as you get there

Sp: you wear them silly

. you just keep adding, you don't actually take them off.

Sp: get all your friends to bring over their plastic pants.

M: but I'd wind up like a skekses from the dark crystal with more and more layers of clothing

Sp: **imitates distinct noise from skeksie in the movie dark crystal**

M: right.

Sp: trial by stone!

.: I was just sent a link to fetware. But it looks like fetware actually says that they carry the genuine rubber pants.

Mako: show note

. like you, I have ordered from fetware, I am more than pleased with them all around

M: I know the guy actually who owns and runs fetware, Mike. I don't know him well but Ö

. are they the outfit out in Vancouver?

M: no. They're an American company, I want to say

, ok, cause I believe that there's a company out in Vancouver that sells nothing but plastic pants. I'm almost positive that they sell rubber pants as well. I just wish I could remember the name

M: It's on the tip of my brain. I just can't quite get to it. I can't think of it.

Sp. So, with the interest in rubber and all that, is it separate? Would you consider that your interest in rubber and plastic, while it can mesh with your ageplay, do you consider it to be separate from your ageplay? Like, do you enjoy these things outside of an ageplay context?

.: umm, some of them, they can be. Like with the luvs for instance, I don't need to be ageplay to enjoy that. On the other hand, the diapers I like most are the Cushies from Abenaverse. Nice cute, wonderful. I love the feel of those. That plastic on the outside and everything. And even when I'm not in the littles mode, I really like those. So if I'm not getting little, I'll still put them on. I love rubbing the front of that and I love the way it feels. So, I mean, I think it enhances my ageplay but I would say on the other hand, it can be 100% separate.

Make: How about for you Becky?

B: The way I approach my fetishism is to just take the vast schmorgesboard of fetishes that I have, which is quite a number, throw it all into a blender and mix it up and get a big spoon out and eat it. To answer that question, yes, it's definatly integrated into my ageplay as with all my other fetishes but at the same time, I can enjoy a rubber or latex glove for the sake of it. But boy is it even better if I happen to be in a pink plastic dress at the same time.

M: Ya know what just makes me really happy, I just realized that Becky just did the food metaphor.

Sp: Yeeaaah and it was very sloopy!

M: It was sloopy! It was a great sloopy food metaphor

b: I will be good for slopy food metaphors

Sp: So, Chocolata sent us another streamie provided show note with a link to where to get some rubber dresses. A place called Marquee

B:I'm not sure whether to thank him or to hate him, 'cause now I'm going to have to spend more money.

.: you can send him a ìNo Thank You, Thank Youî card.

M: I'm really curious about rubber clothes and plastic clothes, are they durable? Do you have to baby them or can you...?

SB: In my experience, you have to baby them. The pink plastic dress has a rip in it and it's on my stack of things to do to figure out how to best repair it.

Sp: Duct tape?

SB: They're expensive and they're really touchy.'

BB: I had bought a pair of these leakmaster classic pants off of amazon. And they're much thicker, they're not see through though they're supposed to be clear. But I thought that those would hold up a lot better just because of how much thicker the material was but still, they had a very small rip in no time at all. Almost anything plastic, you really have to watch what you're doing.

M: I have to say, that the brand name LeakMaster is incredibly funny to me. It sounds like, it's very masculine sounding. It's like the sort of thing that you go to Home Depot to buy. Ya know like, (tough man voice) well Bill we're gonna have to ratchet that down, get out the LeakMaster. (normal voice) It just kills me, it's really funny.

BB: Let me translate . . .

Spacy: That's gonna be my new scene name out at the club. It'll be bend over, start counting for Leak Master.

?: The only problem with the LeakMasters is that you odon't know whether you've wet yourself or if you've literally sweat yourself that much. The elastic is so tight and the material is so thick, you will sweat like crazy in no time.

M: It could also be a dominant guy who's a vegitarian and really into scallions.

Sp: Ewww. That's actually grosser to me than the other idea.

M: It's so funny to me

BB: Yeah, the leak masters got retired pretty early.

M: I have to say, I don't think that I have any plastic pants right now that are operationally viable. I think I've destroyed them all.

Sp: I have exactly one. They were a gift from your pal and mine, Baby Kev. I think because he was worried about them being used on him. They're locking plastic rumba panties.

Make: (happy sigh)

?: I think I just swooned. It's on my list.

Mako: Yeah, I used to have a pair of locking plastic pants and I loved those things. They really became like that thing that brother says about the TSA at the airport. They were like security theater because you could lock the so I couldn't take them off but after they became like swiss cheese, I could still get to my diaper and do whatever I wanted to.

Sp: And boys being able to shoot around corners and whatnot...

M: (chuckles_ right

?: If we want in there, we will get in there

M: I think that part of that texture fetishism is part of why I like disposable diapers as much as I do. Ya know, I love feeling the smooth front fo my diaper it's just a fun thing to do.

?: I totally agree

M: I'm curious about the other sensory appeal of all these other thigns

SP: wait, wait, 'cause now I'm just picturing my brother is like a ken doll and just rubbing his smooth area down there

? play the barbie song or that Aqua song

M: I think I'm going to start refering to that area between my legs as my ìsmooth area.î

? Call it your ìsmooth ken areaî

M: My ìSmooth Ken Areaî, my SKA. My ska.

SB: To get back to it, there's so many visceral senses to plastic and rubber. I wanna talk about taste. There's kind of two angles. I was thinking about this today. There's an obvious taste to rubber. It's like the rubber nipple of a baby bottle in your mouth or the rubber nipple of pacifier. It's huge! But I was also thinking, it's the same with plastic because once you transition from a bottle, you're usually transitioning to a sippy cup. And that has a different flavor. It's not as obviously intense as rubber but I wonder, to what extent does the plastic fetishism involve taste? For me, it's not huge but it just kind of came to my mind, like, hey yeah, there's a taste to plastic, there's a taste to rubber. And how important that is.

Sp. Interesting

M: It's big for me. Next to smell, taste is my nbext biggest thing. What about you, brother, or you Bamm Bamm?

Sp: Well, I was thinking, for latex, for instance, the biggest thing I can think of with the taste is to associate the latex with balloons I've blown up and that kind of thing and I've actually not particularly fond of that taste and the powder that comes along with it and gets up in your sinsuses and is this kind of acrid thing, personally.

M: I kinda like not liking that.

Sp: then I will likeyou not liking it

M What about you BammBamm?

BB: I've never been into the taste of it. For me, it's a little bit about the sound, the look and the feel. Getting into a bed and you hear plastic, like a plastic cover crinkling under the sheets or something. Hearing it, feeling it, all those sort of things. What really trigger me. Especially, if I was to see soemthign like that, then my gears in my head get running. Hormones get pumping and then you see it, you start to feel it and it's kinda goes from 0-60 in no time

M: that leads me to a whole other question, or actually two. So for you specifically Bamm Bamm, Is it better for you to experience it on your own body or see it on somebody else or to see yourself in it?

BB: I like to see it on other people but I also like to see it before I put it on. It kinda It guess it warms me up just to see it

M: Have any of the three of you, cause I already have, ever played with liquid latex?

BB: No, I want to. I have and actually used it to make a rubber corset once for a friend of mine.

M: That's so hot. That's so cool

Sp. That's awesome. That's a lot of liquid latex.

M: yes it is

BB: It involved a lot of brush work

M: and I bet that taking it off was kind of painful and slow

BB: actually, we cheated. We made a corset out of cloth and then brushed the liquid latex on {to it].

M: That's so cheating

BB: It works like a charm.

M: I've lost leg hair to my liquid latex adventures. I haven't done it in a long time.

Sp. There is an easy solution to that brother.

M: I know, I know. Shave them!

Sp: I mean, you'rea shark after all

M:mmhmm, what are you saying? That there's no hair on shark skin? Is that what we're saying?

Sp: You need to be lithe in the water

M: alright, alright. Come on over, you can shave my whole body

Sp: alright

M: let me bend your arm

Sp: next episode, the shaving fetish

? They have this stuff called Magic Shave that is one of those things that you're supposed to just put it on like a cream and it's supposed to remove all your hair. I've always been skeptical of those things but in the last year I've had at least a dozen people tell me they swore by it now. And I even asked one of them, about the downstairs and you just see that grin on their face and that yeah, they've tried it so I'm very anxious to acquire some of that a see if it actually works as well as they say it does.

M: I'm willing. I've been grizzly at Ö

Sp: I have not had a lot of great luck with the dipilatory cream kinds of things. It can work ok on your legs but let's just say that even if a little dag gets somewhere uncomfortable, chemical burns there are not pleasant.

M: yeah, I've done brazillian waxing for similar reasons and a lot of people think that brazillian waxinng is painful to the point of near impossibility but I find it kind of refreshing myslef

SP: haha, refreshing, enlivening, exciting perhaps brother

M: You see the face of jesuus when it ahppens but afterwards you feel really good and you're hairless for a really long time.

? It's like a sense of accomplishment

M: Right! It's like a lazy man's version of running a marathon

SP: No it's not

M: No, it really isn't. It really isn't... It's interesting because the thing about the liquid latex too is having worn a little bit of latex. I have a pair of latex shorts that a friend gave me. And in liquid latex, I find them to be cousin sensations. I mean, they're very similar. But in the end, liquid latex feels kind of like a bandaid and I find that the latex shorts feel kind of like a skin

SP: like a shark skin?

M: I've never worn a shark skin so I can't tell you that for sure. And I woulnd't because that makes my skin crawl with horror.

SP: it's called a birthday suit brother.

M: What od you think, do you ofind the latex when you wear it has like a skin like feel to it?

SP: lost all audio from sissy becky did you mute us by any chance?

BB: I see his mouth moving... errr her..

SB: I totally muted myself. I'm sorry guys. So yeah, it makes sense that the liquid latex is like a bandaid because it's literally drying and curing on your skin so it's almost joining together with your skin vs something that's just a sheet of latex that you put over yourself that happens to be shaped like a shirt. And yeah, it does feel kind of like a skin. Almost likke a second skin whether it's liquid latex or not. I notice the touch sensation goes through really easily but not.. ifthat makes any sense

M: It does!

Sp: I know the rubber fetish communicty here in Atlanta and I've heard of a magazine called Skin Two that's related to latex fetish. So I guess they think it's s second skin as well

? using the liquid latex, can you layer it as you're putting it on to give a thicker sensation to it? Or does it not bond?

? Don't quote me on it, but I think that's how they make latex clothes. It's just layer after layer after layer of liquid latex. The only difference between liquid latex and normal latex is just liquid latex isn't quite cured yet but it's half cured? So it can more easily cure on your skin and the solvent that they use isn't as much of an irritant.

SP: indeed and I have seen layers of liquid latex and it's a bit like wax play in that you ocan sort of drip layers over layers.

M: I'm curious, have either of you guys done any wax play?

? Yes, yes. Bad experience

M: Really? I looove wax play and brother does too. Brother and I have waxed each other

? it was in high school and we were amateurs and we didn't know that there were special temperature candles. So we ended up harming ourselves more than having fun.

M: now you know your beeswax. Sorry

Sp: talk about needing a second skin

M: I like mixing all these things. Wearing diapers under saran wrap, getting waxed. I've never been liquid latexed through saran wrap. That strikes me as it would be cheating too. Maybe the other way around though

SP: it's interesting. We haven't really talked about saran wrap as a way to enjoy the plastic fetish, The saran wrap mummification

? that's a totally miss on everyone's part. We should feel bad, cause that is huge.

SP: I do feel bad and that I need to be wrapped in saran wrap and punished

M: bad brother, go to my room

? obviously

BB?: It's interesting because it's similar but it's so different because it is the whole mummification thing rather than putting on a pair of plastic pants. The plastic is only part of the equation because that's more about sensory deprivation and not being able to move and it's a lot of fun

M: That's definatly a place that I go to with it. I love saran wrap and mummification. It's one of my favorite things because I like bondage and I like being held down and being immobilized. You know brother, it just sort of struck me that that's one of the same/separate thigns about us. Becuase I know that you like really tight restrictive bondage whereas I like things like smothering and body play, being held down that way. They're really sort of cusions

SP: Yeah, I'm not against being held down, bodies, but I definitely prefer the heavy bondage. That's fun for me. But when we talk about the mummification with plastic, using the lastic wrap. It seems to me, I'm curious if you guys have had any experience with vac beds because that seems like it's a very similar experience to me. I've had experience in something called a vac cube for instance that was very immobilizing and felt very similar to being in saran wrap, just in a different position.

36min 43sec