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Welcome to the Big Little Podcast Wiki - you too can be a transcriber! Find out how.
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Another way you the listener can participate!

If you've been wondering how you can be a bigger part of The Big Little Podcast family, transcribing the show so that it's more accessible to others is a great way! Here's how to get started:

  • Go to the Show Listings page
  • Locate a show whose transcription status is "incomplete" or "not started"
  • Contact me, Brett, and tell me you're interested in transcribing that one! (My name on Fetlife is "LTD")
  • I'll update that show's transcription status to "In Progress"
  • Cue up the episode and transcribe away; get in touch when done and I'll upload it!
    • Suggestion: Use a word processor that auto-saves or save your work frequently. OpenOffice is a good choice, because you can save a file in "MediaWiki" format: quite the time-saver!

Things to add to your transcript, right at the top:

  • Your name! Credit yourself, and if you have a website or a profile, plug it! Add a link so we know where to find you! If there's one listed already, just add your name next
  • The show's number, its recording and release dates, the hosts and guests