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Episode: 1

Title: Munches

Date recorded: TBD

Date released: Feb 11, 2011

Guest List: None


  • First Episode.
  • First version of the intro text.
  • Intro Text only read by Spacey this episode, later episodes feature copy changes and the use of guests to read the intro.


[Spacey] You’re listening to the Big Little Podcast. A show by, about and for age players of all kinds. Just like the subjects of our show we expect our audiences to be mature adults. If you are under 18 and looking for up front advice and answers to questions about sex, please visit

[Intro Music]

[Spacey] Hi there, I’m Spacey and I’m here with my brother Mako.

[Mako] Hey Everybody

[Spacey] This is the big little podcast where we talk by, about and for age players. I don’t know do we really talk for age players?

[Mako] You know I try to. Um. I don’t think that I necessarily represent the needs of all age players, but since I’m one and I know the things that are important to me and I’ve got kind of a big mouth

[Spacey] laughs

[Mako] Uh you know, I enjoy stepping up and uh you know, taking a swing at these things.

[Spacey] Yeah well having a big mouth must be being part of this family.

[Mako] That’s right. You know let’s talk about our family, just for a minute,

[Spacey] All right.

[Mako] Uh so. Hey everyone out there in Podcast Land. Um We’re a little strange, because we’re Little's and we’re strange. Uh, I’ve known spacey for many, many, many years, about 15 years, maybe more now I think. Um, And we call one another brother even though we are not related and we’re part of the same age play, poly and kink family. A really, really, complicated very large family that has a lot of people in it. Um, I’ve got a wife and a girl friend, Spacey has a wife, and our other partner Penny has a husband. And...

[Spacey] And we have all kinds of family that hangs off that.

[Mako] That’s right, Friends and Cousins and Aunts and Uncles and you know, intimate relationships and semi-intimate relationships. And it’s just crazy.

[Spacey] Mommies and Daddies who aren't necessarily connected together. Who others who are pseudo connected together.

[Mako} That’s right. That’s right. You know. His Mommy is not my Mommy, but I love her, you know. I have two Mommies, yes Mako has two Mommies. It’s like a book or something.

[Spacey] You and Heather. Aww.

[Mako] Yeah, exactly. I gotta say I have a friend Heather who is an age player and I am very close with.

[Spacey] Yeah, but she has a Daddy.

[Mako] That’s right. And they’re both you know. Um well let’s see her old Daddy was a Lesbian. It’s complicated, you know?

[Spacey] It is complicated, that’s what makes it awesome.

[Mako] Yeah laughs

[Spacey] Um but to back off from that, today’s topic we’re going to be talking about munches. Both Mako and I have both been hosting munches probably longer than most ongoing munches out there today. Um I’ve been hosting the Atlanta Little's Munch uh, since about 1995 and

[Mako] Gosh I can’t even think of when I first started hosting the DC Little’s munch. It was after you, but not too much long after

[Spacey] Indeed Actually back when I started it was just for adult babies, because really at the time I didn’t know there was much more than adult babies in the world of age play and boy how times changed since then.

[Mako] Yeah you know, I think uh a really important good thing to talk about too is that age play on a whole has gone through or is going through this big renaissance. You know, it used to be the case that if you had a diaper fetish or you were an adult baby that you were really on the edges and fringes of society. People didn’t know about it, they thought it was freaky and strange, and now it’s actually pretty common and um age play as a whole or Adult Baby I should say are seen to be part of this larger spectrum of age play as whole and age play itself is considered to be a fetish within the larger world of being, you know, alternatively sexual.

[Spacey] Indeed. I would certainly agree that things have come a long way. I can definitely remember when I was getting started and I went to my first uh BDSM Kink event just to explore and see what other kinky people might be, were like, uh just how crazy it was and how much uh ah I don't want to say stink eye, but how much discomfort people seemed to uh, exhibit around me initially.