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Episode 21: The Great Diaper Show

Date recorded:
Date released: July 10, 2011
Guest List:
First Pass Transcription: [Valentalae (FetLife Profile)][1]
Transcriber’s note: Yes, this really is a messy draft in need of a good edit. I never realized how often people talk in run-on sentences, and how difficult that is to capture on paper. I didn’t put in ah’s and um’s but I did indicate laughter. Also, when I had no idea what someone was saying I indicated this with a set of ellipses and questionmarks like this. …???


Mako: You’re listening to the Big Little Podcast.

SPACEY: This is a show by, about and for ageplayers of all kinds.

?: We expect our audience to be mature, consenting adults, because sometimes the topics on our show are pretty adult too. Just like you.

Ariel: If you are under 18 and looking for upfront advice about sex, please visit

Intro music

SPACEY: Welcome to the big little podcast, the show by, about and for age players of all kinds. I’m Spacey, and I’m here with my brother Mako.

Mako: That’s me! And we’re here with like 11 people!

SPACEY: Eleventy people to be exact. But before we get to all the introductions, because that’s gonna take a while and that’s gonna be awesome, I want to talk about today’s topic.

Mako: Yep.

SPACEY: Ya know, one complaint we get about the show every now and then,

Mako: Mmm hmm.

SPACEY: There’s this one thing that some age players like and some age players don’t like that we kinda talk about every single show, and if you don’t like that, you’re gonna hate this show. Cuz it’s a lllll about the diapers.

Crinkle sound

MAKO: Yep.

SPACEY: And brother’s trying to make his diaper noise which just sounds like static.


VALENTALAE: My diaper’s clapping.

SPACEY: Wow, clappingdiapers. That’simpressive.

Mae: Crinkle crinkle crinkle!

MAKO: If you’ve got the clap in your diaper that’s a whole different show and that’s a health issue.


Mae: Eewwwww.

SPACEY: Indeed so, so this is the quantative, extravagant, absorbant electric, smashing, sparkly, incredible, fantastabulous, wet, sharktastic, loquacious, cottony, DIAPER SHOW!


SPACEY: Wow, so what could we possibly have to say about diapers? Does anybody in this group actually wear diapers?

Chorus of “Um, yeah, yes.”

VALENTALAE: Raising my hand.

Matt: Weird, who would do that?!

SPACEY: And you’re all adults!

BENNY: Last I checked.

BENNY: Last I checked I’m still an adult, that’s what my driver’s license says.

SPACEY: Oooh, not last time you checked your diaper.


SPACEY: Oh ok.

PETE: Um, my birth certificate say’s I’m an adult.

BABYDEMON: Some people might disagree.

SPACEY: And that’s ok.

MAKO: So this is Mako, and I wanna toss out the first of of our topics to talk about. And maybe the best way to get introductions going is that as we talk about these things people just briefly introduce themselves too? Ah, I also wanna say we have kinda of a 13th guest, it’s our chatroom! We’ve got a live stream of folks listening to us from #D-Diaper over on


MAKO: Yeah we love those guys.

Mae: Awwwwwwww.

SPACEY: A little internet relay love.

MAKO: And we’ll all be happy to speak for them too. I actually just found out recently what the D stands for it’s like a 4chan thing which is…. I didn’t know that. But anyway. So, the very first thing is with this whole diaper thing. A lot of people segment ageplayers that are diaper-wearing folks into Abs and DLs, although frankly I hate that that’s too large a distinction because it’s not just babies that wear diapers. And those stand for adult baby and diaper lover. Is there an adult baby in the room that wants to talk about that?


Everybody laughs



VALENTALAE: Cries again.

MAKO: That would be Valentalae.

VALENTALAE: That was me. Pardon my dumb sound effects.

MAKO: Wooooow.

SPACEY: Goodness.

SPACEY: She’s 60, she’s 2, it’s hard to tell.

MAKO: Laughs

More laughing

M” So, adult baby, anybody?

BENNY: Well, I actually use the term adult toddler, but I’ve noticed that in the ABDL community the term adult baby tends to get applied to anybody who ageplays and wears diapers.

SPACEY: Yeah that’s interesting that’s a good topic to talk about too because not everybody who ageplays wears diapers but not everybody who wears diapers is ageplaying as a baby for that matter.

MAKO: Yeah, just like Benny, I’m kind of an adult toddler. I don’t get like, preverbal or anything like that. I think that I’m ya know, some many, which is like 3 to 4ish I guess?

BENNY: Mmm Hmm.

BENNY: Mako we’re the same age!

MAKO: Yeah!


KIM: Everyone can hear me right?

Chorus of yeah

SPACEY: Say who it is.

KIM: Oh, this is Kim. Or little twisted which ever. OI’m totally different in a lot of aspects in that while I do enjoy ageplay, I’m more into the forced regression aspect, and my ageplay’s usually right around 5 or so.

MAKO: Mmm hmm.

K” But I love diapers. I love them as a sexual tool. I love them as a humiliation tool. And I also happen to be a submissive, so… SPACEY: Hooray! KIM: Kinda MAKO: Oh that’s awesome cuz ya know what? We like not liking it sometimes right? Chorus of oooh yeah!

SPACEY: So, let’s cover this first topic real quick. I’d love to hear if anybody in this group identifies with a certain age range. We heard 5, I heard toddler. Are they any other folks that identify in a certain age range. I’m like brother I’m some many I just float around.

PETE: This is Pete. I’ve got like 3 age groups I think. I may have more actually but mostly I feel most comfortable as a toddler of around 3. Sometimes I regress to age 1 or something where I can’t even walk or anything. And then there’s this other aspect where I’m a teenager maybe who’s forced to wear diapers. And this was actually the first fantasy, the first persona which I was into. And then the others followed later on.

MAKO: Very cool.

SPACEY: Interesting.

MAKO: I do wanna point something out real fast just cuz I’m kinda pround about it. That show panelist Pete who was just talking is the guest from the furthest away. He’s in Austria right?

PETE: Actually I’m on holiday in France at the moment. But I live in Austria.

SPACEY: Well that’s closer I don’t know…

Chorus of wow.

PETE: My connection breaks up all the time it’s because the hotel I’m staying in has rather poor wireless.

SPACEY: Well we will enjoy your company while you can be here.

MAKO: Absolutely.

Psyche: Psyche here. I’m also have a wide range of ages. I actually started as a 6-year-old who didn’t wear diapers. And it wasn’t until late late late, like years after I started ageplaying that I went ahead and Daddy and I kinda realized that it was something we wanted to try. And we realized that I had a younger little who’s around 2. So normally when I’m in diapers I’m ageplaying around 2. Though my 6-year-old has to wear pull-ups on occasions, but my 14-year-old doesn’t wear diapers at all.

MAKO: When you’re regressed and doing the diaper thing, is it just sensual and comfort or is it ever a turn-on?

PSYCHE: It’s a turn-on. It really is. Something I definitely wanna talk about later is. When we first started with the humiliation aspect I realized how much I enjoyed using the diapers.

MAKO: I think that a lot of people struggle with… I’m trying to think of the right way to say this…. Like, because we do things that involve the trappings of childhood and are childlike, that they misconstrue that as being that we are actually children or that we have to fit into the pattern of being like children.

SPACEY: Ok it’s really early in the show for me to have to roll my eyes, but here we go.

MAKO: Yeah. ???????

MAKO: Well sure.

VALENTALAE: We need a sound effect for you rolling your eyes.

MAKO: Wah wah or something I don’t know. But it’s perfectly valid for people to be regressed and be sexual that’s ok. I know cuz guess what, I’m that way. Often. I might call t hem peepees or kitties, but I sure enjoy seein’ ‘em and touchin’ em and kissin’ ‘em and smellin’ ‘em and feelin’ ‘em through diapers and other stuff too.

SPACEY: and if you like that segment, see episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9…..


MAKO: Right.

KIM: Honestly… This is Kim. I can’t listen to Mako’s erotica because Daddy’s usually at work when I’m listening to it and, I have to ask for permission. So it’s a long time before Daddy comes home to actually let me relieve myself!


PSYCHE: I don’t have to ask, I’ll do it for you.

KIM: He’s my daddy but he’s also my dominant, and we do a little bit of orgasm control. And one of the rules is, if I wanna orgasm I have to ask him.

MAKO: Wow. Ya know I just gotta say selfishly as an author, I can’t ask for higher praise than what you just said.

SPACEY: Well as an erotic author. If you were some other kind of author.

MAKO: Right like if I was writing history text and people were getting off to it that’d be weird.


PSYCHE: I think it’d be awesome.

SPACEY: True, depends on the history you cover. So I’m curious if there’s anybody on our panel that wears diapers but isn’t interested in age play per se.

BABYDEMON: This is baby demon, I guess in some sense of the word I’ve never truly age played. So, while I don’t think of myself as a being a certain set of ages or anything like that. But it doesn’t count me against from age playing I guess, it’s just not a thought process that I have. I don’t really regress, I don’t really say ‘oh well today I’m gonna act like a little kid’….

BENNY: Hey Baby Demon this is Benny. Yeah, you’re doing it wrong, you’re not doing the one true way of ageplaying.

Chorus of raucous laughter

BABYDEMON: but you know what I mean like, it’s not th thought process that I have when I’m enjoying the diapers myself. It’s just, it’s not there. I don’t know how to describe it otherwise. Other parts of things, I see myself ageplaying but, when I’m wearing my diapers things like that it’s not, it’s not a mindset that I’m in I guess.

MAKO: Ya know I think that that’s really interesting because it speaks to a bunch of different places to go with this conversation.

SPACEY: It does it does. Some of which I think we oughta table and tackle.


KIM: Can I say something now?

MAKO: Yeah.

KIM: Age playing to me is it’s huge topic and there’s all different kinds of age players.

SPACEY: Absolutely.

KIM: And I just wanted to touch base on what Mako was saying. For me, I can’t… A lot of age players, and I don’t want to say a lot or everyone, I don’t want to say everyone, I’m not trying to stereotype but, they’re looking for that end result. Whereas I’m looking for the forced regression, I’m looking for the humiliation aspect. I can’t just sit down with a bunch of coloring books and regress. That’s now how I work. So it totally get where you’re going. Can I jump in with something that baby Demon was saying?

Ma; This is Matty. There’s such a thing as layered age play which I think Cargoweasle talked about on an earlier show, where I like to ??? and I’m like 13 and it is tied up in sexuality. Ya know, 12 or 14 it is tied in sexuality but that’s when you ??? is coming out and using diaper to kind of subvert it. Like, having a forced regression like a 13-year-old back to a 2-year-old.

MAKO: Right.

MAKO: I know Sleepy K’s got a point too.

Sleepy K: Huh?

MAKO: Sleepy I know you were trying to get in the conversation.


Sleepy K: Oh sorry I fell asleep.

Chorus of laughter.

MAKO: “I’m not Sleeeeepy.”

Ariel: He does that a lot.

Sleepy K: I guess what I was gonna say was that I don’t really ever fully regress either. Even when I go to events and stuff, it’s like, even though I wear the baby clothes and whatnot, I still just end up feeling like some guy… Laughter.


MAKO: Ya know that’s perfectly ok.

SPACEY: Yeah absolutely.

Sleepy K: It’s fine but, I never really know how to describe that or give that a proper label. So I’ve always been, they want to ask me it’s like, “Well, what are you like 2 or 3?” And I’m like “Well 2 or 3.” But then they’re like “How do you talk?” I’m like, “I’m a genius!”

Chorus of laughter.

MAKO: Yeah. I do want to say something about that label thing. I’m going to wax Taoist, this is for you too Benny. Yeah, F labels. Fuck ‘em. They don’t matter.

Ariel: Thaaaaank, yoooou.

BENNY: Mako that’s not Taoist that’s just smart!


MAKO: Sometimes they’re the same.


SPACEY: So I’m also curious and I think Twisted Kim hit on this a little bit, and I could be wrong, is there anybody who wears diapers, not because of the age play, not because they’re interested and sexually turned on by diapers but perhaps as a form of chastity?

KIM: Yes.

MAKO: Who said that?

KIM: Kim.

MAKO: Aah.

KIM: Laughs. Oh yeah.

SPACEY: I’d love to hear more.

KIM: I’m blushing.

SPACEY: Oh no blushing’s part of it please!

KIM: The good thing the camera’s not on!


KIM: I blush really easily too.

Mae: Yay!

KIM: There have been times where, because we do practice orgasm control, and there have been times where he’s told me no. And if I beg him and plead to him, I might get punished by wearing a diaper and, and I might get punished by not being able to touch myself down there. So in a sense, it is used as a chastity device. He will tell me things like I’m not allowed to touch myself down there and that’s why I’m wearing diapers. Ya know the specific humiliating things like that.

BENNY: Well it looks like the next thing on the list here was discussing different types of diapers, which I’m excited about talking about.

Chorus of oooooh yeah.

MAKO: I knew you would be.

SPACEY: You’re actually particularly well-suited to talk about this too, so feel free to dive in.

BENNY: Ok. So one of the things that I wanted to discuss is, I started making my own cloth diapers because I love disposables but I wanted to give cloth a try. And that’s how my business got started. You can listen a few episodes back to get all the info on that. One of the really great things that not a lot of people who ahven’t tried cloth know is there’s like a billion different types. It’s like disposables ya know, there’s a whole bunch of different brands and cloth is kinda the same thing. There’s a lot of different ways of doing it.

MAKO: Oh good point. SHOWNOTES!

BENNY: Yeah. So the ones that I make are shaped very much like disposables because I wanted them to be a crossover product. People who were trying it for the first time and were nervous that cloth would be hard to use. But I’m wondering if anybody else uses any of the other types and what other people like about cloth. I like it because it’s a different sensation and because I can make ‘em as thick as I want.

SPACEY: Well I’ll dive right in here. This is Spacey. So, lately I’ve primarily been a disposable wearer, but I have worn and really enjoy cloth diapers because one of the things that I love about the sensation of wearing a diaper is thickness. And one of the beautiful things about cloth diapers is that there’s really not a limit to how thick you can make it.

MAKO: Right.

SPACEY: The more diapers you have the thicker and thicker you can make it, and you don’t have to cut holes in anything to make it work, you just have more layers. Just keep adding layers and you pin them on and ya know you have to waddle around and you actually fit pants over your bum because there’re so many diapers.

BENNY: One of the things that goes with that that I occasionally get questions about from people who are trying for the first time is they ask me to make the thickest diaper that could ever be made.

Spacey laughs

BENNY: And I actually discourage people from that because then you can never, ever ever get it clean. So just, wear a hole bunch of layers and then when you’re washing them and drying them you take them apart and they will get clean and they will get dried out. With cloth you can do that, layer a million if you want to that’s fine.

SPACEY: It also can be really inexpensive, so for me for instance, with the way I have worn cloth in the past is I’ll take a baby spitup blanket, a burping blanket, and use that as a sort of base layer for the diaper. Then I’ll buy some actual regular gauze baby diapers and fold the layers and stick it on, fold another layer and stick it on and keep doing that until I get the thickness that I want. So it has an advantage of being both inexpensive, easy to clean and just really fun and thick.

MAKO: And good for the environment too.

BENNY: Towels from your bathroom could do the same job.

SPACEY: Indeed.

PSYCHE: This is Psyche and I’m not looking for thickness. I’m sooo new to diapers. Like we just started this year. My daddy and I. And I was wearing the pull-ups and I’d still be in the pull-ups if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d be standing there piddling myself and then next thing I know it’s running down my legs ruining my pretty little shoes.


PSYCHE: So we actually ordered the Dry247s…


PSYCHE: …And I was like “Oh my God these are so thick!” And I’m sure any one of yall who’d put one on would go, “Oh God these are really thin!” but for me they’re like huge. But my daddy really loves them because he can put them on me like a real baby. Like an actual biological baby where it folds on and the little plastic sticky tabs. They’ve got the plastic outer coat which is really nice. Except they get so frickin hot. If you’re hot-natured and you sweat then it’ll feel like you wet your diaper because there’s just so much ssweat. So the disadvantages and the advantages. But I didn’t like ‘em at first because…??? There is actually an adjustable tab. The other downside to them is they’re kind of expensive, so sometimes it’s like I have to sit there and I have to go, “Well I have to pee, but if I pee in this diaper then I’m gonna have to change it, and I can’t sleep in this diaper because I’ll have to put on a new one. So let me see if I can wiggle out of it and actually go to the potty like a big girl.”

Matt: …??? You can actually get the 247s one size larger and put another diaper inside. Pull the tapes off, put another on, pull the tapes on.

KIM: I’ve got a suggestion. I’m always always looking for the cheaper diapers because I can’t afford AB Kushies. I really can’t afford any of those. So my favorite thing to do, and they used to make Assurances and they make ‘em cloth now which cloth backing sucks.

VALENTALAE: Agreed! This is Valentalae I hate that!

KIM: Really really loud and really kinda crackly and that’s what does it for me is the loudness. Another thing I do is, I’ll put on one layer as a cheap diaper on and pull-ups on over that. And that works a lot better.

MAKO: So you get the noise you’re looking for…

KIM: And the thickness too because it holds everything together.

MAKO: Smart.

BENNY: This is Benny. I do want to toss in that cloth is always going to be your least expensive option. Once you’ve bought ‘em you have them forever.

PSYCHE: Yeah but then I gotta wash them.

BENNY: Yeah that’s true, that’s a pain. Sleepy KIM: this is Sleepy K. What I’ve come to find out, when I’m actually running low and cash is a little low and I just have a small supply of disposables. What I’ll do is I’ll put a disposable on and then put a cloth on over it. So I get that thickness feeling and I don’t actually mess my cloth.

PETE: Actually that’s a very good idea.

SPACEY: That kinda brings up another important topic which is, one of the interesting things is the social responsibility of wearing a diaper. Is it socialy responsible for those of us who are capable for instance of holding our bladder to wear a diaper and then be adding more plastic and more paper pulp to a landfill that will take a long time to degrade?

BABYDEMON: this is Baby demon do you want the ecofriendly answer or do you want the I’m gonna be dead by the time it matters answer? Chorus of laughter.

MAKO: I think I want both actually.

SPACEY: Yeah absolutely I think we got one of those already. Laughter

BABYDEMON: This is the same thing I run into in the busness I work in. Trying to be ecofriendly while still maintaining the quality of life we’re used to… I don’t know, I go either way. Sometimes I feel bad and the way I rectify feeling bad about putting plastic in the environment is I don’t wear for a couple weeks. And then…. Well it kinda wears off the next thing I know I’m wearing and out it goes with the rest of the trash I’m throwing out. Once it’s outa the house it’s not really there.

MAKO: Ya know I’m kinda down with that. I’m sort of in the same boat. I have a few cloth diaper things but they’re just kinda not my thing. This is Mako. I prefer disposables. I like the way they feel, I like the way they smell, I like the sound of them. I’m particularly addicted to one particular brand, I really like the Bambinos. Especially the teddy bear ones. And they’re a sponsor but, SHOWNOTES! And then thing about it for me, I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s a generation thing and that if you grew up with cloth diapers and rubber and plastic pants then that’s your thing. Although I certainly know people that are my age or younger that really love cloth diapers. I think that there is a way to be responsible with your disposables, you have to sort of look at your consumption like Demon was saying.

BENNY: This is Benny I also thing that you can come up with other ways in your life to try to decrease consumption, decrease your environmental impact. I mean if we’re aware of that and take a look at other areas like not driving a big SUV if we’re not forest rangers for a living. That sort of thing, I think that those things, making sure we recycle and change your lightbulbs, all of the various things that we can do pretty easily. That helps cut down on that stuff. I think it helps to be aware of it.

KIM: This is Kim. I live in Texas now and it’s like 107 degrees out here. Not kidding that’s what it was a couple days ago. So we go through a lot of water. Yeah I haven’t worn in 3 or 4 months because of the heat, it’s insane. And what we do’s we recycle plastic bottles. The group that I’m part of … Leather actually recycles bottles. They take huge truckloads of bottles.

MAKO: Cool.

KIM: yeah and all the funds go to Fight Like a Girl Cancer Foundation, I think. And other donations and things like that. So I think I’m doing my part by helping recycle.

MAKO: So you’re kind buying carbon offsets for your pants.


SPACEY: That’s interesting.

BENNY: Landfill offsets?

MAKO: yeah. Landfill offset that’s funny.

PSYCHE: When you said social responsibility I was thinking more along the lines of the responsibility of not making a mess next to people. So I didn’t know if that was…

SPACEY: That’s a valid aspect as well actually.

VALENTALAE: This is Valentalae I though you meant like, exactly what she said, like wearing in public, having it exposed…

KIM: Exposing your kink to others?


SPACEY: So let’s dive into that, let’s talk a little bit more about wearing your diapers in public and what level of wearing and using them you guys feel is socially responsible.

PSYCHE: Psyche here. I wear ‘em all the time but I’m so absolutely positively terrified that sombodyes gonna turn to me and go, “You smell like pee!” Because I think that might be the last time I ever wear diapers in public.

SPACEY: Interesting.

VALENTALAE: This is Valentalae. I actually used to be a lot braver about that. My very first few months of wearing I actually wore to school a couple times. And I wore, I’m not kidding you, I wore in my gym class and nobody found out.

Chorus of wow.

PETE: People simply don’t look.

VALENTALAE: Oh but you could hear it. I don’t understand how people couldn’t hear… I don’t know. I was wilder and younger and weirder.

MAKO: I can tell you how. It’s just like anything else that you fixate on personally, people… There’s a kind of like being invisible. I know that when I dress kind of little, that I have this heightened awareness that I’m dressed a little abnormally. And I’m constantly on the look out for what I call the hairy eyeball. But more often than not I don’t get it because what I’m paying attention to is kind of like background static for other people. So, yeah maybe they do smell the powder or maybe they do hear a little bit of crinkle.

SPACEY: But it doesn’t even cross into their consciousness.

MAKO: Right right.

BENNY: Douglas Adams calls that the Somebody Elses Problem Field.

MAKO: Right, Slarty Bartfast. Exactly.

SPACEY: Well I mean there’s another thing to consider which is, we humans we’re all the time taking in an increcible amount of information. All the time your sight, your sound, things that you’re feeling around. There’s a ton of information and peoples’ brains are naturally are naturally filtering out the things that are entirely irrelevant to what’s going on in the environment around them. And the fact that we’re fixated on it doesn’t mean that other peoples’ brains are just filtering all that stuff right out.

BABYDEMON: It’s very interesting you bring that up, this is Baby Demon. I notice that I’m hyper aware of other people doing that kind of stuff. So, you go some place and you see somebody wearing an age-inappropriate shirt and I’ll suddenly think, “Hmm. Do I want to be near this person and say hello, or will the other people around me think I’m weird because now I’m talking to this person who looks kinda weird? Or is it just my imagination that this is going on?” And that goes back to your thing about munches in your first episode about how it’s hard for some people to go to a munch because here’s this group of people… They make this giant monster out of it and go, “I’m gonna walk in there and then somebody’s gonna see me and theyre’ gonna think ‘wow that guy looks normal and he’s hanging out with these people that look weird and now he’s weird’ and somehow it’s gonna end up getting back to all the people you know?

SPACEY: So how was your first expedrience at a munch?

BABYDEMON: Um, good.

Chorus of laughter

SPACEY: Hooray!

BABYDEMON: I have to say that I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would’ve liked to.


Mae: There’s always next time.

BABYDEMON: There is always next time.

PSYCHE: This is Psyche. I know when I use a diaper, there’s something different about me because it does not matter where we are or what we’re doing. Daddy will look at me, and he just, I can’t, I wish I could remember, but there was something about a penny or something, and he’ll say, he’ll mention penny, and it’s his signal to me that he knows that I just wet myself. And it doesn’t matter what I do, it doesn’t matter if I try to not think about and if I try to be nonchalant, my daddy knows the exact moment I wet my damn diaper every time. So I know there’s something about me that indicates that.

BENNY: Psyche, this is Benny I’m so jealous. My aunty makes me tell her no matter where we are. And it makes me so embarrassed, I mean it’s a wonderful embarrassed.

SPACEY: I was gonna say you’re so “jealous.”

BENNY: But she totally can’t tell, she totally can’t tell and then when she finds out later and I didn’t tell her I’m in all sorts of trouble and it would be much easier on me if I didn’t have to say it.

MAKO: That’s a really interesting point too. I think that one of the tings about diapers is that they really are a fetish object. I don’t mean fetish even in a sexual sense of the word. I mean like invested with power. Diapers and wearing them can be humiliating, can be sensual, can really enhance your experience. I know that when, I mean I can get little at the snap of my fingers. Really easily. But it wasn’t always that way for me. Part of what used to make it better and easier and quicker for me was slapping on a diaper or the smell of the powder or the sensations that went with it. And I know that the tings that you guys were just saying about, knowing whether you’ve wet or not, or having to tell. A really big thing for me, one of the enhancers that really makes my play stronger is when it’s not up to me to say so. I like getting checked. So that it’s not up to me.

SPACEY: I want to interject some comments from our studio audience the chatroom. I noticed that Bratty1 has mentioned this interesting thing where they talk about having plastic bags to put your diapers in. I like this analogy, “You don’t stick needles in someone and not have a sharps container.”

MAKO: Right.

KIM: I’ve got lots of bags. I usually use Walmart bags or something. In Texas they don’t use paper because we don’t have trees. Laughter

MAKO: That’s funny.

Sleepy K: Sleepy K here. I actually have a question for everybody who’s worn publically. Have you ever worn publically and gotten into a situation where you’ve had to confront somebody?

SPACEY: Confront how?

Sleepy K: Like once I was in a movie theater…

VALENTALAE: Like fight?

Sleepy K: Well like sort of, not quite that level…

VALENTALAE: Like a baby ninja or something?

Chorus of laugher. Sleepy KIM: Once I was in a movie theater and there were these people right next to me. And they were just so, I don’t even know why they came in the movie theater. The moment they came in they just started talking and talking on their phones, right in the middle of the movie. And I just wanted to say something to them but I was wearing that day, and I just couldn’t do it. Say “Hey could you gues quiet down.”

BABYDEMON: This is Baby Demon. Question for you. Would that have been different had you been wearing regular underwear?

Sleepy K: I definitely would’ve had much more confidence and would’ve said something yes.

BABYDEMON: See I don’t know if I… I think I would’ve had a problem saying something to them. I can’t do can’t do that kind of thing a lot of times.

PSYCHE: I would’ve said something but I would’ve been little girl obnoxious about it. Like, “Daaaaaddy they’re taaaaalking in the middle of the moooooovie!!”

Chorus of laughter.

SPACEY: Be passive aggressive and start talking to yourse, “I can’t believe some people are sooo annoying to keep talking during the middle of the movie! How annoying is that?” Laughter

PSYCHE: I think for me I actually feel a little more confident in littles mode than I feel in adult mode because in adult mode I might’ve just sat there in rumped. But it littles mode I say the first frickin thing that comes to my mind.

MAKO: Oh I totally do that too.

VALENTALAE: Like the lowering of inhibitions.

MAKO: Ya know I have a story about this to, but I want to go last.

BENNY: Well this is Benny. I’m a bit more like you Sleepy K. I get much quieter when I’m little and I never shut up as a big.

Mako laughs

BENNY: But I’d have a really hard time doing that as well. I have dealt with that situation in movie theaters before when I was not little and I handled it by going to management rather than confronting the people themselves I’ll go find an employee. It’s their job to kick people like that outa the movies. And I think I would probably still be able to do that but I think it’d be harder. I think it’d take more effort on my part because when I do go to the movies wearing… The reason why I do it at movies is because then I can be in that headspace in a public space without it interrupting anybody elses life.

SPACEY: Huge practicality.

MAKO: Oh such an advantage.

BENNY: I wish it was maybe this is something to discuss, I can’t wet when I sit down. It would be somewhat more practical if I could. Chorus of what?

BENNY: I know it’s terrible.

MAKO: I’ve actually taught people how to do it.

SPACEY: I think some things are a matter of practice of time.

BENNY: How many years has it been now?

SPACEY: Speaking of years, what I’ll say for me is, I think I would’ve been in a very similar boat as you Sleepy, when I was younger and wearing a diaper and thinking about if other people are noticing, if nother people are aware, “This is so unusual,” this feels cool and frightening all at the same time kind of thing. One of the unfortunate things that happen as you get older and you keep doing something over and over again like wearing a diaper is ou get adjusted to it right? Like it becomes part of your wold, it’s a regular and normal thing.

MAKO: Right it’s like eating spicy chilli.


MAKO: Suddenly you need to put like 5…

PSYCHE: Food metaphor! Food metaphor!

MAKO: Suddenly you need more peppers in it and you’re eating things that would knock the top off a garbage dumpster.

Mae: Poppy dippers!

VALENTALAE: We had to have the spicy chili metaphor in the diaper show didn’t we?

Chorus of grossed-out laughter

MAKO: Gross.

PSYCHE: This is Psyche and it’s the same way for humiliation. I find that wearing a diaper in public is, yeah, it’s not as embarrassing as it used to be. Even though it’s only been a couple months. But of course Daddy says something and of course it goes right back to being embarrassing.

SPACEY: Hooray!

PSYCHE: I think that’s the same way with a lot of humiliation. You pretty much, and Spacey said this over and over again, the problem with humiliation is you keep having to up the anti. But I’ve found personally for me that if I pretend that it’s a lot more embarrassing then it really is to me, that I get embarrassed. It’s like modeling that behavior for myself and so if something is said or something is done then I’m like, “Oh God that would’ve embarrassed the shit outa me a year ago,” I act embarrassed. Then I get embarrassed. So that’s a greae little tip I wanted to share about maybe helping to relive some of those older more nostalgic humiliation experiences.

MAKO: Ya know that’s a hundred percent true. And it gets back to that thing that we were saying in the self-esteme show about faking it til ya make it. I know when I was first learning to regress, I used to laugh the way I thought a toddler would sound laughing, and I’d intentionally walk pigeon-toed, hold cups with two hands and things like that. Then something happened and I just sort of popped open this are of my brain that had been closed door before. Suddenly that stuff became very real.

SPACEY: That works with your bladder sometimes too.

KIM: Oh yeah. It does. I’ll wear for weeks and I’ll take ‘em off for a couple days. And suddenly I’m sitting down at my computer and I realize I have to go to the bathroom. Oh, well ok screw it. Oh, shit! Nooo!

PSYCHE: (Girly laugh) Tee hee hee hee hee! I do that too!

KIM: And then I have to run to the bathroom because I’ve been wearing for two weeks straight!

SPACEY: I’ve definitely had that problem as well. I remember coming back from camp one time and being at work and I’m like, “Oh. Wait. Ooh! Better run!”

MAKO: My ex and I taught this friend of ours, this male submissive, his dominant mistress wanted him to wear diapers and wet them. So we actually like taught him, we brought him into the bathroom at the play house and sat him on the potty in a diaper and ran water in the sink and put his hand under the water, and said wet things to him, about water and rivers and stuff. And eventually he got it and was able to go sitting down. But he complained about it. “If I have to do this every damn dimt I wanna wet in a diaper, this is not gonna be practical!”

SPACEY: So I also wanted to add another piece from the studio audience. Thymine says, Worst enemy of abies.

BabyDemon: I don’t know. This is Baby Demon. I’ll disagree with that because the iron bladder can be a good thing. You can hold it and hold it and hold it and hold it and hold it to a point where you have no option.

VALENTALAE: bBut then you like flood the diaper.


PETE: It overflows.

MAKO: Which is why you need good good, very thirsty diapers.

PSYCHE: Yeeeah. Psyche here.

PETE: That’s why I use cloth.

Many voices at once.

PSYCHE: Eek! Too many people!


PSYCHE: When I first used the pull-ups I would tinkle in the pullup and it would always leak and it would always leak and it would always leak. And I was like ok maybe if I tinkle a little slower, if I tinkle in short bursts.

Mako laughs

MAKO: Good luck with that.

PSYCHE: I was doing that but I was like this is no fun because I have to pay more attention to my bladder then when I used the toilet.

VALENTALAE: And there goes your convenience factor.

MAKO: Right.

PSYCHE: So it was so nice when I put on that first Dry247 and I just let go and I was like wait it didn’t leak. Then a little while later I let some more go and it didn’t leak. And I think that was the day I used it to the point where it it actually changed itself.

MAKO: Right.

SPACEY: Hooray.


PSYCHE: It was awesome and that’s when I fell in love with going in a diaper.

KIM: I gotta say one thing. Speaking of everybody talking about peeing and going and stuff like that, I’ll be right back.

Chorus of loud laughter

MAKO: Ya not the whole panel is diapered.

BENNY: This is Benny. I also want to put, there are other options other than peeing for those of us who… I mean I do sometimes but often I use water instead. Because I like the sensation.

MAKO: It’s healthier for the skin.

BENNY: Healthier for the skin, also much easier to do when I want it right now and I don’t have a full bladder.

SPACEY: You warm the water first or do you just go right from the tap.

BENNY: No, warm. Warm. But it was also really useful for me to get used to knowing how much the various diapers could take before trusting them. So that for me was like a testing absorbancy issue without ending up with the potential urine mess all over the place.

SPACEY: But everybody knows for absorbancy testing, you’ve watched TV. You have to use blue liquid.

Loud laughter

MAKO: If you pee blue liquid you have a health issue.

MAKO: Sleepy I heard you trying to get a word in there.

Sleepy K: Um, nah. I was gonna make a ??? commercial reference or something I don’t know.


SPACEY: So there are other ways I guess that people deal with the need to go and sort of the mental ability to handle it or maybe some people want that sensation fo feeling like they can’t control it. I’m curious has anybody here ever tried using a catheter?

Long silence


Sleepy K: Ouch. Ouch.

MAKO: That would be yes then.


Matt: …??? Could be good for a lot of people.

VALENTALAE: You’re making me squeeze my legs together.

Laughter SPACEY: So that would be the anti…???

PETE: Pete here. What I find is that the diapers or the plug itno my brain in a specific way so that when I wear them I pee differently. Normally I have a bladder control like everybody else does and as soon as I’m in a diaper the liquid just trickles out every ten minutes or so which also prevents the overflow and I don’t even think of it anymore. Also I think within an hour or so I need to poop.

MAKO: Interesting.

P” It’s very strange. And this is something that has developed over time. So I’m not even thinking of a catheter which would be total pain in a very delicate place and not even necessary for me.

SPACEY: I have to admit I personally never tried a catheter but I’ve known many adult babies who do use them on a semiregular basis. I will say if you’re going to try it, make sure you do a lot of reading about the safety precautions. Make sure you do a lot of reading about making sure everything is supersterile because it’s way too easy…

MAKO: It’s a super easy way to get a UTI.

BENNY: this is Benny, I want to be even a little bit more firm about that because I have a little bit of medical backround, I’m a certified nursing assistant although I don’t work in that field anymore. And nursing assistants aren’t even allowed to put them in. Have somebody who does it professionally or don’t do it at all. Or at least have somebody who does it professionally teach you in person. I don’t feel like you can read enough to proide the very serious medical problems that can associate with that. But the good news is that in the kink and BDSm community there are nurses and EMT’s and doctors all over the place.

MAKO: It’s rue.

SPACEY: Indeed.

BENNY: So ask an actual RN to teach you how to do that if that’s something you want to play with.

MAKO: Yeah I have something else I want to add to this discussion too. Something I’ve heard from people for years is where they get envious of people who have actual urinary or fecal or both kinds of incontinence. I’ve heard people looking for ways to encourage that in themselves. And I can’t say strongly enough, DON’T DO THAT! Because the thing is, incontinence is often a comorbidity of other medical problems. So if you suddenly find yourself unable to be continent when you want to, you shouldn’t necessarily be caviler about it. I had a good friend who is an adult baby and, I won’t say his name, but he had that situation happen. For like six months a year a year and a half, he was just pleased as punch that he was wetting his pants uncontrollably, only to find out that he had Chrones Disease and ilioitis and colitis, and that if he had attended to it earlier, he could’ve maybe midigated some of the damage it caused him biologically. The thing about having to go in your diaper is doing it involuntarily is racy and fun and cool when you want it, but when you’re stuck in them without choice it’s kind of a drag.

Ariel: It might be fun for a little while but I’m sure it loses it’s appeal.

MAKO: Yeah exactly.

SPACEY: So let’s talk about another way that some people go about trying to create that. We’ve talked about the fact that this ability to go in a diaper either controllably or uncontrollably tends to be very psychologically linked, and especially if you have something where you really have that iron bladder and you can’t go until you absolutely have to at the last minute. So some people combat that with a lot of unusual tactics. Has anybody ever tried hypnosis?

SL” This is…

MAKO: Go ahead Sleepy.

SLEEPY K: I tried a long time ago when I was a teenager, bt I never got far with it because A, I didn’t do it on a consistant level like with the tapes and stuff. And B, I fell asleep.


VALENTALAE: Is that why that’s your user name?


SLEEPY K: Yeaaaah.

MAKO: Way back in episode 4 I think it was when we had Gloria Brame on, she said that there’s been no documented clinical evidence that hypnosis can make you do that, that it’s effective for those sorts of things.

SPACEY: But many many people try.

ARIEL: I think it’s just a fantasy for most of us.

BENNY: So, this is Benny. I kinda need to speak up as an official skeptic in total quotes hre. I agree with Gloria Brame on that, with one little caveat. I think that having the excuse of having done hypnosis helps people sort of separate themselves from their own wants enough to blame it on something else.

SPACEY: Right.


Spacey and Psyche in unison: It’s a placebo effect.


PSYCHE: That means you owe me a coke!

BENNY: Yeah. And if that’s what somebody needs in order to deal with their own shame and issues and whatever, then I’m totally all for it as long as they recognize that that’s what it’s about rather than some sort of magical properties of hypnosis which are pretty much not real.

PSYCHE: But if they knew it was a placebo effect then it wouldn’t be the placebo effect.

BENNY: Actually that’s totally not ttrue. The placebo effect, it doesn’t work on belief, it works on much more complex issues. But hypnosis and other placebo effects will generally still work even on people who know they’re placebo

MAKO: I’ve heard that to be true yeah.

BENNY: It’s a universally known thing in medical studies and stuff.

KIM: I’m back, could I say one thing about hypnosis?

MAKO: Mm hmm.

KIM: This is Kim. One of the things that I kinda learned about hypnosis, I actually tried a couple classes just for the relaxation technique to be used on other people, but one of the things that I did notice is more and more you say something the more and more it gets stuck in your head. So it’s not even as far as placebo effect, if I sit here and if I tell myself something over and over and over, I tell someone else something over and over and over and I keep telling them that, eventually it’s gonna sink in.

MAKO: Ah that’s definitely true. A therapist of mine taught me this coping technique for like panic and for depression that you can actually talk to your panic or your depression like it’s external to you, like a different person and manage it that way. There are definitely neurolinguistic ways that we can program ourselves. I know, I can’t say this is hypnosis, but early on when I was starting to teach myself regression, I stumbled across this thing, and I can’t tell you how it works, I can’t tell you why it works, I just know that it does. I’m really fortunate in that when I’m wearing a diaper and go to bed, a lot of times I’ll wake up wet which is like some holy grail for diaper fetishists. But 98 percent of the time I don’t do that when I’m not wearing diapers.

SPACEY: So let me interject real quick for the folks listening, you really need to wet uncontrollably, you really need to wet uncontrollably…

MAKO: You can’t help yourself.

SPACEY: You really need to wet uncontrollably.


VALENTALAE: Your bladder’s getting very heavy.

SPACEY: And you need to send money.

Spacey and Mae in unison: Seeeend mooooney.

PSYCHE: Now I gotta pee!

SPACEY: Fight blood cancer.

BENNY: Dang it Spacey! I’m not wearing!

SPACEY: Send money, fight blood cancer.

MAKO: Go peepee listener.

SPACEY: You really need to pee uncontrollably.

MAKO: Coooome oooon.

VALENTALAE: Psssssssssssssssssssssssss…


ARIEL: Oh my God I’ve had to pee for an hour and this is not helping.

Chorus of loud laughter.

Mae: If someone has…

SPACEY: Hold on a second my mommy has something she wants to add.

Mae: If someone has a voice that people find soothing and relaxing and convincing, there’s no reason not to use that in your relationship to the most benefit for both partners. And the fact that it may or may not work as a therapy or as a tool doesn’t mean that they can’t work for personal relationship dynamics.

MAKO: Right.

Mae: And for purpose of being a turn-on.


Mae: Or fun. If it works it’s not that different from dirty talk.

MAKO: Right.

Mae: When you think of it in those terms.

MAKO: absolutely. It actually brings me to another place I wanna go with this too. We’ve been talking a lot about wearing the diapers and what it’s like for the person inside the diaper, but I know I’m one of these people, I like to diaper other people and find it both a sensual and emotional and sexual turnon for me. Is anyone else like that?

PETE: Oh yes. Oh yes.

BENNY: Oh definitely.

Sleepy K: Yeeeah.

Steel: Yeah I’m gonna have to agree with that one.

KIM: This is Sir Steel, that’s my daddy, my sir.

MAKO: Yay!

SPACEY: I know that I like to see other in diapers quite a bit especially very sexy people.

Mae: For me it’s less about the diapers and more about the impact that the diapers have on the person wearing them.

MAKO: Interesting.

Mae: So if a person feels nutured and loved or sexy and erotic or humiliated, I go for that rather than ooh diapers, hot.

MAKO: It’s funny I have experience of both of those things. My little girl Rachel, who I’m gonna talk about openly cuz I can do whatever I want with her,

Mae: Aww.

MAKO: Ya know I diaper her all the time. And it’s really interesting because for Rachel it’s a sensual thing and it’s a feeling little thing, but it’s not overtly sexual. And I’d say about 75 percent of the time or 100 percent of the time 75 percent of the way I feel about it is the same way she feels when I’m diapering her. But 25 percent no, I like doing that, it’s pleasureable for me, it turns me on somewhat. I like the sight and the smells and the touch, I like all that stuff. So I don’t think it’s like a one or the other kind of thing necessarily.

Mae: Of course not.

BENNY: This is Benny. No go ahead Psyche.

PSYCHE: Ok. So yes Psyche here. Actually for Daddy and I, neither one of us were into diapers before we got together. It wasn’t a turnon for him it certainly wasn’t a turnon for me. But now, and he’s probably gonna beat my butt for saying this, Daddy, Daddy gets happy…

MAKO: Laughs.

PSYCHE: Like, happy happy, just thinking of me in a diaper.

VALENTALAE: His Mr. Happy gets happy.

SPACEY: Hooray!

MAKO: Ok, just so we can be really clear for Psyche’s daddy…


MAKO: And her soon-to-be sore butt…



MAKO: What she’s saying is that he gets a big erection…


MAKO: And gets really turned on by his little girl being in diapers and touching and feeling her diapers.


PSYCHE: Oh my God you just killed me! I’m dead!

MAKO: Happy to help you out there.

Scattered applause

Ariel: Psyche’s daddy is …???

PSYCHE: Oh my God you just got me into so much trouble Mako!

MAKO: Laughs

Mae: Yaaay!

BENNY: So wait how many people listen to this podcast? Because now all of them are going to know how hard his dick gets over it.

Chorus of laughter

PSYCHE: And he’s gonna be so maaaaad, he’s gonna be so mad at me Oh my God!

Mae: That’s hot.

MAKO: That’s like 10000 people listening to his erection.

PSYCHE: Ooooohhhh!


PSYCHE: I’m gonna get beaten so bad.

VALENTALAE: I didn’t do it!

KIM: Enjoy.

SPACEY: What is the sound of one penis engorging?

Loud laughter

Mae: Crinkle crinkle crinkle?

PSYCHE: I don’t like spankings people! I don’t like spankings!

KIM: that’s another subject.

BABYDEMON: This is Baby Demon. This is what I have to say to…??? It lowers your inhibitions. And she’s lowering her inhibitions by getting you guys to say what she wants to say so she gets her spanking.

PSYCHE: Noooo, I don’t like spankings, I swear to you I don’t like spankings.

MAKO: But wait, do you not like them or do you like not liking them?

PSYCHE: I don’t like them. They huuurt and, that hurts. MAKO: I think that’s true of the whole diaper thing too right? Like there are times where you want to be forced to wear it and you want to not like it. Silence MAKO: Don’t all speak up at once. Wow 11 people…

KIM: Could I say something?

Many people try to talk at once.

SPACEY: I think Kim wanted to say something.

KIM: There are times when I just feel like wearing and sitting down playing videogames and just wearing. It’s not really like regression or anything it’s, hey I’m lazy I don’t wanna get up because I’ve been playing this game for the last hour. And there are other times where it’s very sexual and then there are other times where…

Steel: I just wanna be sadistic and I put her in ‘em.

KIM: Yeah and I feel very humiliated and nervous and embarrassed and… I’m bright red right now.

SPACEY: We were talking, speaking of diapers being a pain earlier, sometimes they can actually literally be a pain. Anybody ever had a problem with diaper rash before?

BABYDEMON: yes, this is Baby Demon. In an earlier topic you guys were talking about being wet and automatically changing. I may not be the fastest changing baby in the world, and maybe have gotten diaper rash a couple times from that. And lemme tell you as an adult it’s even worse than as a child because you just spend all your time gong, “I can’t believe I have diaper rash. I can’t believe I have diaper rash. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I doing this?”

SPACEY: It must be a pain when you go see your pediatrician.


MAKO: Ok, that’s my story. So this is back when I was with my ex. I didn’t have a regular doctor at the time, I used to go to this walk-up instant care place most of the time. And I had, I mean like a rockin’ bad case of diaper rash, it was serious bad. So much so that I really wanted to do something about it. So I go to the place and…

SPACEY: Let me interject brother, you should change your diaper at least once every 48 hours.

MAKO: Laughs. Wow. Ya know, I don’t know how I got it. I didn’t stay in them that long but it was bad. So I go to check in…

VALENTALAE: You’re not supposed to get a spanking after a diaper rash Mako.

MAKO: Oh my God that’s the worst!


SPACEY: From your doctor!


MAKO: Now we’re just writing erotica. Although I’m writing that down. But no so, I go to sign in and they say, “Well what are you here for?” And I was like, “A skin rash.” And they say, “Where is the rash?” And I said, “On my body.”


MAKO: “Could you be more specific?” I said, “If you really want me to.” And then I told them it was diaper rash. And they said, “Oh.” And I sat in the waiting room and they showed me to the back and the doctor comes in and he’s examining me. And he says, “Yep that’s diaper rash alright.” And he writes me a prescription for like a topical ointment so I could treat it. And he says, “Now let’s talk about the root of your problem and getting rid of this incontinence problem that you have.” And I said, “No doctor, you don’t understand. I’m not incontinent.” And he sort of scratched his head and looked at me funny and he said, “Uh uh uh I don’t understand. How did you get this rash?” I was like, “From a diaper.” He said, “Well why were you wearing the diaper?” And I said, “It’s kind of a lifestyle choice.” And he got very quiet and said, “Have a very nice day,” and left.

Everyone laughs

KIM: Mako, I kinda had the same thing happen to me and I think it’s because I’m female.

MAKO: Mmm hmm.

K” I went to my OBGYN and I told her I said “Hey, I’ve got a rash and I need something to fix it.” And she goes and she looks at it and she goes, “Well it looks like a sweat rash.” And I said “Yeah exactly it’s a sweat rash.”

Loud laughter

KIM: Because we get sweat rashes down there.

VALENTALAE: Let them jump to their own conclusions.

MAKO: Exactly.

SPACEY: Well on the other hand, if you have information that’s going to help them help you more quickly you probably should give it to them. They’re your healthcare providers, there are hypo laws in place for a reason. They’re not gonna go talking to the whole world about you without actually risking their practice.

MAKO: Ok, and I have a serious point to add to that which is, seriously, doctors have ehard it all before. And they don’t care. I don’t know if it’spart of the Hypocratic Oath to not give a fuck about your fetishes and just treat you anyway, but that’s what tthey do. I’ve made a point out of every doctor I’ve ever had, going out of my way, well I guess except for that emergency care place, going out of my way right when I become their patient saying, “So Doc, I gotta tell you this stuff about me because you need to know it, because you’re gonna stumble across this stuff and I want you to know what it is and not make any assumptions. Sometimes you’re gonna see marks on me cuz I get spanked. It’s a part of how I live. Andn sometimes I’m gonna have diaper rash and, I don’t have hair down there because I shave it because it makes my diaper feel better.” Almost to of one they’re like, “Thanks for the information, and I don’t need anymore.”


KIM: I actually had to explain to my OB what fisting was, what vaginal fisting was. Because she asked me…. Well she noticed there was a mark. We were using a hell of a lot more lube than we probably should’ve used.

SPACEY: I don’t know when it comes to fisting you can’t use too much luve.

MAKO: That’s right.

KIM: Yeah but it was a lot, it was so bad that we actually had to wash the blankets, it was pretty bad. Anyways, so I didn’t notice that some of it had dried in specific ares got a little bit tender down there. And I had to go to my OBGYN and explain why my, I forget, are they vulva? I don’t know.

SPACEY: That’s your whowho.

KIM: Yes.

PSYCHE: That’s your kitty!

MAKO: Right.

KIM: Where the opening, the precious little opening…

SPACEY: Your flower.

VALENTALAE: The vestibule.


KIM: She asked me, “Well what have you been doing? Have you been having a lot of rough sex?” And I said, “Sort of.” And I explained to her what fisting was and she went, “Oh. Ok.”

MAKO: I’m sure she was happy you gave her a hand.

Loud groaning laughter

SPACEY: Son on a serious note I do wanna interject that there, and we’ve talked about this on previous shows but I wanna put it out here again. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom helps organize a list called Kink Aware Professionals.


SPACEY: Right, Kink Aware Professionals. And if you’re really just absolutely concerned about talking to a doctor about these things you can go there and find doctors hopefully in your area that have already said that they are cool hearing about kink stuff. So go check that out. It’s the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, you can Google it and you can also Google for the Kink Aware Professionals list, plus you can find lawyers and other things.

VALENTALAE: That actually, this is Valentalae. That actually sounds like it should be it’s own show. You guys just did age play and therapy, there should be some sort of age play and your medical health kind of deal. Just a suggestion.

SPACEY: It’d be good to get some doctors and nurses on that show.

KIM: Oh yeah I know, there’s one nurse that I know of that, she’s actually into diapers as far as, she used to be a nurse and she has a little boy that she diapers. And she loves it, she says it’s kinda like nursing but it’s a lot more intimate.

MAKO: Right. My ex was a nurse. And actually one of my mommies is in the medical field too.

VALENTALAE: Well ya got plenty of guests there. There ya go.

PSYCHE: I has an icky question for the girlies so all the boys cover your ears right now.

SPACEY: Mine are covered with headphones.

MAKO: Yeah.

PSYCHE: Ok. Well… I know for me that when it’s girly time, when it’s that time of the month, I really love wearing a diaper opposed to the other stuff because it kind of kills your headspace to be a little girl and to be bleeding down there. And I was wondering if any of the other girlies, if that was something that yall enjoyed too.

VALENTALAE: Yes! Right here! This is Valentalae.

PSYCHE: And it makes less of a mess.

VALENTALAE: Exactly! I can’t stand like…. All those products that say, “No leaks.” They’re lying. You have at least a couple of leaks every day. If you don’t have something that’s totally covering that area then there’s gonna be leakage.

MAKO: Ya know what it makes me think of? It makes me think of that scene from the end of Back To The Future where Doc Brown’s like, “Roads? We don’t need roads where we’re going!”

KIM: Laughs

MAKO: Ya know, wings? Pads? We don’t need those where we’re going!


SPACEY: So I can extend this a little more for the guys too because I tink a lot of, when I speak for myself and I could speak for other people. I think when a lot of people aren’t feeling well, they often sort of retreat into their little side as a way of dealing with not feeling well. I happen to know that if things are a little runny and leaky from the other end for me, I feel more comfortable in a diaper because I’m less worried about explosions taking place on the way to running to the bathroom.

Ariel: In theory that would be ok, this is Ariel. But at that point I would almost prefer a pullup because then…. Once you get in the bathroom, you have more time and you may not have that time.

PSYCHE: Oh yeah, I wear pull-ups during that time.

KIM: Yeah so do I.

SPACEY: Mmm, diapers and safety scissors.


KIM: I use pull-ups too because they’re a lot easier to get in and out of. And when you’re having that specific time and that part of your body heats up quite easily, it’s a lot more comfortable just to wear a pullup that you can just basically take off. I tend to leak anyways, so as far as what Valentea…. Uh, I’m gonna screw your name up I apologize.

VALENTALAE: Don’t worry about it.

KIM: As far as what you were saying, as far as the mess. I totally get that. I mean, it’s horrifying how many pairs of underwear that I’ve had to go through because I also… We were talking about cloth diapers and I’m allergic to alastic. I get these giant bruises and it hurts. A lot of the diaper covers that I end up wearing are old old old, the institutional style, and they actually have cloth that covers the elastic because normal… I’ve actually from Fetware a long time ago I had a pair of plastic pants and I could only wear them for about ten minutes at a time.

MAKO: Wow.


KIM: So the actual, I don’t wear the cheaper kind that are like 20 buck or something like that because I can’t.

MAKO: Right.

SPACEY: Right you need more fitted items.

MAKO: Interesting, is it a latex allergy?

KIM: No. It’s funny because I don’t even wear underwear anymore. It’s because honestly it’s the elastic, I I can have latex, I’ve played with latex paint before. For some strange reason any type of elastic no matter if it’s loose or if it’s, I think it has to do with that it’s wrinkled or something and it’s so close to that area.


KIM: I’ve talked to a doctor and he can’t figure it out so…

VALENTALAE: I’ve never heard of that. Wow.

SPACEY: Interesting.

MAKO: Yeah.

KIM: Although there are some lubes that I’m deathly allergic to that can go on topically but can’t be inserted.


VALENTALAE: Maybe there’s some kind of chemical in the elastic that you’re body’s reacting to.

MAKO: That’s what I think.

Ariel: Is it just bruises that you get from the elastic, or is it welts.

KIM: It’s welts. It starts off as tiny little bruises…

Ariel: Well I’ve had something, it’s called Pressure Ertikaria and it’s whenever like if I’m wearing a tight bracelet or if my clothes are tight against my skin the pressure will actually make my skin bubble up and welt up and that happens sometimes when I have diapers on that are too tight. So I’ll get these welts all around, and that kinda sounds similar. That might be what you have.

MAKO: Yeah.

KIM: I don’t know, because I’m allergic to some condoms too. And I think, and we’ve talked about, because we’ve tried all kinds of different comdons, all kinds of plastic type things. And I think it’s the chemicals that they are made with. The preservatives and things like that. I think that’s actually what it is. But then again I’ve tried washing ‘em and still I end up with welts so I don’t kws.

VALENTALAE: Just probably some weird chemical that in the underwear elastic that is doing something weird to your body chemistry. I don’t know.

MAKO: Yeah let me throw like a SHOWNOTES out there. I’ll see if I can find a Wikipedia or a WebMD for Pressure Ertikaria if I can figure out how to spell it.

Ariel: If you Google it it’ll pop up. Because I couldn’t spell it either.

SPACEY: So let’s talk more about the potential for discomfort. I’m curious if anybody has ever had experiences with intentionally wearing diapers for discomfort purposes or doing things to enhance the level of discomfort.

MAKO: I have.

SPACEY: I would love to hear that story. Agai.

MAKO: Ok. I just wanted to give people a chance ya know. Actually a couple of different ways. Just recently this year at camp my friend …??? Put me in this super-duper-duper-duper thick diaper that, I’m not even quite sure how she did it. I want to say there was like a diaper or two folded up inside the diaper to the point that it was like, tight and there was like a lot of pressure and it was very waddly. And then proceeded to like, smack me between my legs and kick me between my legs with the diaper on as like kind of a diaper spanking up front which was weirdly pleasureable and uncomfortable at the same time. Know what it is, it’s like an incredibly safe way to get your balls kicked. That’s what it is.



MAKO: yeah, it was hot! It was really super fun. And then, I’ve had other experiences. My ex used to do this thing to me as a punishment where she would put Icey Hot on my bits or up my butt and then diaper me.

Ariel: Ooooooh.

VALENTALAE: That’s in the pin list!

MAKO: Yeah.

BABYDEMON: Whyyyyyy?

MAKO: As a punishment.

BabyDemon: Nooooooo.

MAKO: Yeah it’s pretty ouchy ya know? And the thing is the diaper made it so that I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t wash it off, I couldn’t get to it, I had to just sort of ride it out. Like riding a bad horse.

SPACEY: Ride ‘em cowboy.

MAKO: Yeah. I’ll tell ya the really really funny thing about that too. Which is that, long before she ever did that to me a friend of mine who was kind of like a nanny to me for a while, she did it to me and did it and then left the house. And I had no interest in being obedient, I ripped that diaper right the hell off and ran for the shower. And that’s when I discovered another truth about mineral ice and Icey Hot and things like that.

BENNY: Oh no you didn’t run into the shower Mako, did you?

MAKO: Yes I did! And my pores opened right up and…. And I saw the face of God. Because that’s how bad…

Loud laughter.

BENNY: SO for anybody who isn’t aware the only to cut that stuff is oil, not water, oil!

MAKO: Thank you Benny. Thank you now!


VALENTALAE: Yeah it’s a bit too late.

KIM: I’ve got a hilarious story if you guys wanna ehar it.

MAKO: Sure.

SPACEY: Please.

KIM: So we do use other stuff as far as like humiliation tools and fun time tools. And we had at one point we had this wireless vibrator. And it’s just this little egg wireless vibrator, it’s not meant to do much but it realy gets your attention. And so I’m wearing it and he’s got me layered in like 3 different layers and he tells me to go do the dishes. Well, I usually when I’m around his, because his mom was living with us. And when I’m around her, she knows, she doesn’t care. In fact some times she used to when she lived with us she used to instigate a lot of stuff. A lot of fun. So, I was washing the dishes and the remote, he puts the remote down and he goes outside to have a cigarette. And his mom picks it up and goes, “What’s this?”

SPACEY: Haaaaahaha.

KIM: And she’s pressing buttons.

MAKO: Laughs

KIM: And I’m going nuts. And he’s just staring through the window laughing his ass off. And then she looks at me and she sees my face and she goes, “I know what this is!”

Loud laughter

SPACEY: Did you say, “What!?”

KIM: It was terrible I just couldn’t say anything, I just ran to the bedroom and slammed the door, “I neeeeed to talk to Steeeel pleeeeease.”

Mako: Loud laugh.

MAKO: It’s the remote control for you!



MAKO: wow.

PSYCHE: I don’t think I’m gonna let my daddy listen to this episode.

Chorus of loud laughter

BENNY: I do wanna say, the vibrating egg on the inside of a diaper isn’t the only option, my favorite thing iin the world is the Hitachi on the outside.

PSYCHE: Oooh my God yes!

KIM: I’m kind of afraid to try that.

SPACEY: Oh do tell more about that.

PSYCHE: I have worn holes in my diapers doing that.

BENNY: Mmm hmmmm.

SPACEY: Ride ‘em cowgirl.

MAKO: Yeah. The particular toy that we’re talking about, the Hitachi magic wand which, let me say SHOWNOTES! Because I know you can get it like on Amazon.

PSYCHE: Ah ooooooooooh.

SPACEY: Are you using it now?

Loud laughter

PSYCHE: Oh trust me you would know if I were using it now.

M” I wonder if we could get like the book aphiliate link for the Hitachi for the show.

SPACEY: I don’t know.

MAKO: I’m gonna investigate it. It’s like the world’s most powerful vibrator. It’s really really great. It’s a back massager but not really.

BENNY: Can I also toss in there that Amazon is not the only place to get them. All of those wonderful women-owned feminist-positive sex-positive sex toy stores out there like A Woman’s Touch, Smitten Kitten, Toys in Babeland, all of them carry it and they’ll usually charge you the same, and you can support good companies that are awesome.

KIM: Know what I wanna try? I wanna try the Wii. Not the video game.

PSYCHE: Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen it.

SPACEY: Well we don’t know what you’re talking about.


JAMES: My wife actually has that.

KIM: Yeah I really wanna try it. Does anybody want to explain what it is?

SPACEY: Please describe it.

PSYCHE: It’s like… It’s like…. Uh.

KIM: Laughs.

PSYCHE: It’s like a C that you stick up, you stick one end up in your vagina and then the other end curls around your vulva up to your clitoris and the whole thing vibrates!

VALENTALAE: Ooooooooh!

KIM: And you can use it for your partner so it vibrates…

VALENTALAE: Where do I sign?

JAMES: Hey guys. I wanted to say something about that.

SPACEY: Oh, we have an interjection. Go ahead.

JAMES: This is James. I joined late.

SPACEY: Welcome!

JAMES: My wife got that a while back and, it’s not very comfortable for the man in that situation Ihave to say.

Mae: Awwww.

JAMES: But she likes it.

PSYCHE: Have you tried rear entry with it?

JAMES: No we have not.

MAKO: Homework!

PSYCHE: Cuz I think that would maybe be a little more comfortable.

SPACEY: It’s kinda like show notes but maybe more fun.

MAKO: Yeah.

PSYCHE: I know daddy likes it when I use the Hitachi on my kitty and, yeeah.

SPACEY: So what other kinds of things…

Chorus of loud laughter

VALENTALAE: This is the best show ever now.


SPACEY: So what other kinds of things do people use to enhance their diaper-wearing experience?

Mae: I think we just covered that.


Matt: Mako mentioned earlier, shaving is a big deal. It heightens a lot of sensation. I’ve heard of ice cubes and croutons obviously for punishment.

MAKO: Croutons.

Sleepy K: Croutons?

Matt: I’ve even heard of one dom that put her sub in a diaper with powdered wasabi for a long road trip.



Matt: Yeah. ….? To pull over and side on the side of the road because it was so bad.

MAKO: Yeah but the thing about

SPACEY: The chatroom is screaming marshmallows.

Loud laughter

MAKO: Yeah but the thing about mustard powders and wasabi powders? They’re double evil because you put them down and then if you sweat or pee on it it activates it.

Mae: Laughs

MAKO: So it’s a little hot when it’s dry, but the minute it gets wet it’s like, spicy death! It’s terrible!

PSYCHE: Spicy death.

SPACEY: If only it could be soy sauce.

VALENTALAE: This is like, slowly becoming the diaper torture show here.

MAKO: Laughs, right.

Mae: Yaaaay!

VALENTALAE: We have ways of making you pee!

Mae: Raucously loud laugh.

MAKO: It’s like …??? CBT.

MAKO: I know that one of the things that I’ve heard women say about the diaper thing before, like I think one of the big sensual differences men to wmen. I think that women lose out on some of the sensual pleasure because it is very reminiscent of the pad and tampon and period thing.

SPACEY: Well, some women may lose out on some. Let’s not paint with that broad brush.

MAKO: No no of course not. I know that for guys we get a lot of pleasure out of it, because wll our bits are on the outside.

SPACEY: External genitalia do have some advantages.

PSYCHE: As a woman though I still get all the sensation when it comes to like, tinklin’ and I have to say I never though I would enjoy it so much. It’s just, you feel the warmth kind of flood up and over and it makes all your bits nice and warm and, cradled and, yeah. I didn’t think I’d like that as much as I do.

MAKO: Yeah.

BENNY: So um…

VALENTALAE: I’ll say one thing…. Oh sorry.

BENNY: Go ahead Valentalae, I wanna hear what you have to say.

VALENTALAE: I was just going to say something about all those, feminine hygien commercials you hear.

MAKO: Mmm hmm.

VALENTALAE: And they do say a lot of the times that pads feel more like diapers. I just wanna say yes that’s true, yes I agree and yes, that is thee best part!


SPACEY: But you know what feels even more like a diaper?

Chorus, “A diaper?”


VALENTALAE: I was gonna say a rocketship but…

MAKO: Laugh

VALENTALAE: Or a Hitachi Wand…

BENNY: So, none of our listeners my know this but, this is Benny talking. And I’m a transgender guy so my genitals are more like a wman’s genitals. And I think that at least for me, warm wet and squishy around the genitals kinda works for a lot of different body kinds. I don’t think that desire for warm, wet and squishy is exclusive to cisgendered men.


MAKO: Ya know I’m gonna add warm wet and squishy as a fetish on Fetlife.

PSYCHE: Oooooooh.

VALENTALAE: Isn’t that already a fetish?

PSYCHE: More than likely.

MAKO: It should be.

SPACEY: So let’s talk some more practical matters because people wanna know, everybody start thinking about it. Your favorite kind of diaper, brand and type, and where do you like to get them?

SPACEY: Alright, everybody thinking about it?

MAKO: I’ll go first because I got it.

SPACEY: Go ahead brother.

MAKO: My favorite are Bambinos. And where I like to get them is, around my penis. No um, where I like to get them is from, that’s where they sell them.


MAKO: I used to be a really big fan of the Abena X Pluses too. But I think Bambinos are better.

SPACEY: Very cool.

Sleepy K: Sleepy K here.

SPACEY: Go ahead Sleepy.

Matt: I’ve heard that, oh.

Sleepy K: My personal favorite before they changed the product was Secure X Plus, which came from Secure Personal. They’re the company that does Bambinos also. I just like the Secure X Pluses because it’s like a Bambino but generally more inexpensive. Sometimes the company would mess up my order and they’d give me Bambinos instead, like the white ones.

MAKO: Haaa cool!

Sleepy K: That was always a plus.

Matt: Awesome.

MAKO: Yeah I heard Secure Pluses referred to as Bambino witout the pervert tax.

Sleepy K: Yeah.


VALENTALAE: Do they have that same thing where you wet and it doesn’t puff up?

Sleepy K: Hmmm.

VALENTALAE: The Secure Pluses. Because I’ve tried Bambino and I haven’t tried Secure Pluses so I was wondering. And this is Valentalae by the way.

Sleepy K: Well I think they’re pretty much the same. Just the designs and that’s pretty much it. The last batch I had I haven’t had some in quite a while.

SPACEY: Ok who’s next?

JAMESPACEY: I’ll go next this is James. I agree with Mako I definitely like the Bambino Biancos the best. Out of everything I’ve tried those are always the ones I end up going back to. But I have tried the Dry247s, they’re great too except the batch that I got was sweating through the plastic. I couldn’t take it anymore.


SPACEY: Ah. So what’s your favorite source?


SPACEY: I guess we should add these to the…


SPACEY: Thank you.

PSYCHE: Psyche here. I use the Dry247s. I don’t have a lot of experience, they’re the only ones that I really ordered besides the grocery store pull-ups. I get ‘em from XPMedical. And I like ‘em, I really do. But I do plan on shopping around a little more.

SPACEY: Very cool.

BENNY: This is Benny. My favorite disposables are, I also get them from XPMedical. But I like the Abena Deltaforms. They’re like exactly the same thickness as the Abriform X Plus except that they don’t have the waistband on them which is fine with me because they don’t fit great. And more importantly they are bright blue. And bright blue makes me really happy.

MAKO: Laughs.

BENNY: But for cloth I like the ones I make best. And so should everybody else cuz they’re adorable.

MAKO: I love Benny’s diapers, they’re fan-frickin-tastic!

SPACEY: Sounds like somebody’s having a good time with some plastic right now as we speak.


SPACEY: Oh my.

Matt: This is Matty. Yeah I’m still here. I also am a big fan of the 247s and the Abriforms. Same place as everybody else, XPMedical, but I wanted to bring up something that people might not know about. Thrift stores. Good Will and consignment shops. Maybe not consignment shops.

SPACEY: Consignment diapers.

Matt: Yeah yeah. You can get in bulk lots of really cheapo, like I’ve seen cases of Tranquility All Through the Night for like 2 dollars for a 14 pack. It’s worth checking out if you don’t mind buying in public.

MAKO: That’s a great idea. Thymine wants us to talk about Kushies. I don’t know Kushies. I’ve never worn them.

BENNY: I have something to say about Kushies actually. I’m a little bit of a chubby guy with a tummy. Kushies do not fit me at all. The mediums are definitely the right size but they gap all over the place and they leak immediately. It’s really a bummer cuz they’re soooo cuuuute! They’re really really really cute and I like the thickness but the fact that they leak immediately makes them not useable on my body. So anybody with a bit of a tummy might end up having a similar experience.

SPACEY: So this is Spacey. I haven’t personally worn them but I’ve talked to a number of people that have. And I’ve heard them best described as a party diaper. They’re really cute, they’re super fun to wear at parties. They’re not particularly practical for actual every day use.

SLEEPY K: Sleepy K here. Actually I really agree with what you said. They are definitely a social thing. It really depends on your body type too because, sometimes, I know when I was going through the whole gaining and losing weight stage. Where I’ll work out and sometimes I don’t work out. Sometimes they just would not fit properly and they’d slide off and you can just never tape them properly enough for some reason.

MAKO: That was a huge problem I had with Molicare diapers. I had two problems Molicares. Number 1 is that they’re purple like Barney, and while I like the color purple, I’m not a really big Barney fan.

SPACEY: Laughs.

MAKO: I was gonna say something mean but I’m just gonna scensor myself. The other thing is that the Molicares while they’re a mazingly absorbant they’re like a gravity diaper because after you pee past a certain point, elevator’s comin’ down! That’s it.

VALENTALAE: I have that same issue too.

SPACEY: There anybody else who wants to go?

PETE: This is Pete. I’m a cloth diaper person so I don’t really care much about the disposables. I make the cloth diapers myself from stuff that I buy at a fabric store. And I usually combine them with plastic pants. I’m very peculiar about that because I want the knd that are replicas of what I wore as a small child. And they actually exist, I found that out almost ten years ago, but the replicas exist, the yellow plastic with snaps. I was extremely happy when I found out they were made adult-sized. I do combine cloth diapers with disposables though because I just don’t want to wash them all the time. But I don’t care much about what I use. I go from Pampers size 6 which can be used as soakers, and which come fairly cheap to Tena or Attends or Molicares whichever is cheap and easy to get. There’s a German mailorder company that I use for that they’re called Save Express and they actually make good deals for people in Europe. They have competitive prices on all kinds of disposables.

MAKO: Oh that’s awesome.

PETE: And they sell those plastic pants as well.

MAKO: Pete could I maybe ask you to post in the Fetlife group or send us an email with links to that and I’ll put them in the SHOWNOTES! Because I know we’ve got a lot of linsteners over there who would probably get a lot of use out of that.

SPACEY: Has anybody else not had a chance to…

PETE: …??? To send you the link later on.

VALENTALAE: I haven’t… Wait is someone gonna say something?

BabyDemon: I was going to but go ahead Valentalae.

VALENTALAE: Ok so this is Valentalae. The question is actually difficult for me to answer because I don’t currently have a favorite. My favorite right now is the tranquility ATN because theyr’e not super-extra-totally-mega thick to where you pee in ‘em all you can and they just fall right off you. And they’re not baby diaper thin. It’s kind of a medium thing, I like that. And I actually wanted to sort of make a point about, I’ve heard a lot of people say that they like thicker diapers better. I kinda have an interesting take on that. I think sometimes for me less is more. Cuz sometimes I want that hugely thick feel and I feel cmaller in comparison and it’s easier for me to get into littlespace that way. But sometimes I like, I mean, a lot of people hate on Depends and I kinda like Depends because they’re sort of thin like they’re a necessity. I’ve never heard of a baby having to wear a hugely thick diaper. So wearing a little thin diaper kinda makes me feel more like a baby. And it’s kind of hard for me to explain that’s the best I can do.

MAKO: No no I agree with you. I think it’s kinda like you don’t use a hammer to screw in a screw, you use a screwdriver. I don’t think it’s a one size fits all thing all the time. There are times when I wanna wear a night diaper and have it be super thick and super absorbant and not have it leak on the bed and roll around like a weeble. And there are other times when I wanna have thin diapers that make me feel kinda little but that I can have under my clothes and not feel like I’m in a sausage casing either.

VALENTALAE: Also the thing is if you like being changed often that could be a possible…

MAKO: Definitely. And you know what and I forget the word for it, I almost wanna say it’s Omorashi, but there’s this Japanese fetish for desperation and pants-wetting and leaking.

VALENTALAE: I think you said it right.

MAKO: Some people want their diaper to leak.

BENNY: Yeah this is Benny. I’ve got too things. One is that because I’m exploring some humiliation play and stuff like that for the first time, forced leaking is something Auntie and I have talked about and I’m looking forward to trying. The other thing is that I have to agree with Valentalae about Tranquilities. The first non-store non-depends style diapers I got were Tranquility ATNs and they’re fantastic. You can get ‘em on Amazon and they’re a lot less expensive than some of the other premium brand.

?: What’s the …???

BENNY: It’s Tranquility ATN, ATN stands for All Through the Night. And they also have the pullup version and the Tranquility ATN pull-ups are the most absorbant pullup product that I have found. So when I wanna play around with potty-training play…

MAKO: Coooool.

BENNY: The Tranquility ATN pull-ups are the ones that I really like to get.

MAKO: Yeah that’s hot to me. I like being little and getting to wear pull-ups because it makes me feel like I’m a big boy being little. That I’ve earned it as a privelige.

SPACEY: And I’m personally far more likely to wear a pullup to work than I am to wear an actual diaper.

MAKO: Yeah that’s a good question. Do any of the rest of you wear your diapers to work?

BabyDemon: This is Baby demon. I have. But typically it’s usually during the Christmas season when almost everybody’s gone from work except for me. So I don’t feel as uncomfortable about it and that’s only because I can’t do number 2 so I’ve gotta take ‘em down at some point and I just feel uncomfortable being in the bathroom untaping all the tapes.

MAKO: I have a really funny story about that but I’ll go after.

SPACEY: So this is Spacey.

BENNY: Well this is Benny… Oh go ahead Spacey.

SPACEY: I just wanted a chance to jump in on the type and where ya get ‘em because I have a personal preference too when it comes to the disposable kind. I prefer the Abena Abriform X Plus diapers. Again because they’re about the thickest I’ve ever worn and I’ve just always enjoyed that. Now lately they have changed the way they’re manufactured and I will say that I don’t really care for the way they’re manufactured now as much. So I may be in the market for a good replacement. But I’ve always gotten mine through XPMedical as well. And as far as the cloth diapers go, I can assemble all those parts from pieces you can find from any store that has baby products. I can go to Target or Walmart or that kinda thing and find the pieces I need to assemble the cloth diaper part. The plastic pants are the harder part to get in my size but those are available. MAKO: The thing about Abenas too, back when I used to get them, I would get them from this company called, it’s A Better Absorbant Incontinence The guy who owns it, he’s got Multiple Schlerosis and he has a need for the diapers that he wears. So he’s like performance tested everything. And I’m not gonna tell you that ABAIP is the cheapest web-based company to get them from but they have really great service, they’re really reliable. And they really stand behind the stuff they sell, so I’m a big fan of them.

BENNY: They’re also being purchased by XPMedical right now Mako.

MAKO: Are they really? I didn’t know that.


BENNY: that’s what the website says.

MAKO: Aaaaah.

SPACEY: There ya go.

MAKO: I’m not sure how I feel about that.

BENNY: Being a big fan of the super-reliability of XPmedical that’s good news to me but…

MAKO: I hope it’s good for, the previous owners.

Matt: I have two questions for everybody. Does anyone have any experience with swim diapers? Like the all-in-one tight super-absorbant one. And does anyone know anything about the, is it called Fabeen or Fabine? The new ones that AB Universe is supposed to be getting.

VALENTALAE: I was wondering that same thing too.

MAKO: I do have experience with wearing diapers in a pool but that’s a different story.

SPACEY: I wanna end with that actually brother. But before we get to that, I have worn a swim diaper before. I don’t know about these new kind but typically what a swim diaper’s purpose is it’s not to keep pee out of a pool, really a swim diaper’s not gonna be typically effective with that kind of thing. It’s to keep solids from floating around a pool, so you have to have certain expectations for swim diapers. And one of those expectations is just a way to kinda keep a wrap around things down there.

MAKO: The poop. It’s a poop catcher.

BABYDEMON: to keep it under control.

Sleepy K: Make sure you get no Babyruths. Laughter

MAKO: Gross.

Matt: Ok so how about the Fabines, Fabeens, Fabinis?

SPACEY: yeah I have no experience with those.

VALENTALAE: I don’t know how to pronounce those. My computer calls it a Fabbin.

VALENTALAE: The fabulous fabbins.

Sleepy K: FayBons.

SPACEY: They should’ve called it a Fabuline.

Matt: Maybe it’s Fabinay.

MAKO: The only swim diapers I know of, and I do have one, are from a company called Gabbies. And it was really just kind of like a funny exotic goofy bathing suit for me. It’s not like I went in a pool and Babyrughed it up or anything.


MAKO: I bought it for the purpose of wearing it and feeling cute in it.

PSYCHE: I don’t think I can ever eat a Babyruth again.

MAKO: I’m so sorry. It’s a Caddy Shack thing.

BABYDEMON: Don’t watch Caddy Shack.


MAKO: The worst food metaphor we’ve ever done I’m sorry.

VALENTALAE: Oh no the spicy chili was the worst one.

MAKO: Laughs

VALENTALAE: Talking about powdered wasabi and that wasn’t even a metaphor.

MAKO: Valentalae someday we’re gonna go out for lunch. We’re gonna have chili with wasabi and have Babyruths for dessert. That’s what we’re gonna do.

Laughter and chorus of eeeeewwww

VALENTALAE: Hey that’s totally fine as long as it doesn’t end up in a diaper.

Matt: Hey when you guys get to episode 50 you wanna put out a cook book?

VALENTALAE: The Big Little Podcast recipe book.



MAKO: My stomach’s actually turning over right now at the thought.

JAMES: I’m actually kinda hungry after thinking about that.

VALENTALAE: Ya know what, there’s actually this really, it’s not a gag recipe, there is a recipe for kitty litter cake. And if you want I can definitely find that and send that to Mako so he can put it in the show notes.

MAKO: I know that there’s…. Ooh we lost Pete too. I know there’s a restaurant in Japan where all the tables and chairs look like toilets. And they serve you foods like chocolate pudding and chocolate moose.

VALENTALAE: I’ve heard of that!

MAKO: Lemonade ya know.

SPACEY: Alright boys and girls. I think it’s getting a little bit late for us. So we’re gonna try to close this but I definitely think we’re gonna revisit this. I have a feeling that there’s some people out there that listen to the show and have an interest in the topic and would like to hear more about it. So I think we should maybe talk about it again. But I do wanna end on a particular story that my brother has shared in the past. Speaking of pools and diapers and wearing diapers to work. And I’m gonna let him take it away.

MAKO: Ok. So many years ago I had this job where I had to travel all the time. I was always on the road. I was on this particular gig where I was staying in a small town, heck I don’t even wanna say where because of how terrible this story is. So I’m living in this hotel for a couple of weeks at a time and going home on the weekends. About my second weekend down, when I had traveled down there I brought a bunch of diapers with me to wear in the hotel room. And the hotel had a pool and a hot tub out back behind the hotel outside. And no one was ever in them, and I’d had just the hankering to experiment with this for a while. I wanna say something about this right from the get go. There’s this commedien named Dana Gould, and there’s this thing he says that everyone should have this fat guy in a tuxito and an opera cape that follows them around. And every so often when they’re gonna do something really stupid he just jumps out and goes, “MISTAKE!” And I needed that guy because here’s what I did. So I put a diaper on under a bathing suit. Ya know one of those boxer-style short bathing suits. And I tromp out to the pool and the hot tub and I go to sit in the hot tub. And ya know, there’s this like hydroactive gel in disposable diapers that swells up real big right? So, yeah this is pretty dumb. The chatroom’s telling me it’s dumb, yeah it’s dumb. So I don’t really think about this and I’m sitting in it’s hot tub. And my diapers doing the thing like what a life jacket does when you’re in a plane crash. And I’m sitting on the seat thinking, “This is the lumpiest most uncomfortable seat! This is terrible!” Then I realized, it’s not the seat.


MAKO: So right around that moment I decide that I need to get outa this hot tub and I need to get out in a hurry. But just at that moment this beautiful woman in a bikini comes out from the back of the hotel…

BENNY: Laughs

MAKO: And goes to swim in the pool just for a minute, an dplunks herself in the hot tub right next to me. And she says, “How are you?” And I say, “Fiiiiine!”


MAKO: And proceeds to sit there as I’m feeling my diaper sort of melt down into critical mass ok. Eventually, I don’t know if she just got like a creeper vibe off me cuz I was pretty nervous or something. So she got outa that hot tub and left. And that’s great so I go to stand up. And rigt away I have to clutch the waist of my bathing suit because the diaper now weighs like 30 million pounds. And I’m about to create a public indecency problem. So I grab it and get out and I grab my towel and I’m trying to like dry myself off as much as I can one-handed. Laughter

MAKO: I’m like patting my chest dry and patting the bathing suit. Although patting the bathing suit turns out to be a really bady idea. Because every time I do it the diaper goes Quuuuuuiiiishhhh, and splashes water on my feet and on the pavement and starts to like wobble like a bizarre upside-down Liberty Bell. Loud laughter.

MAKO: Really bad. And I realize, yeah Fida from the chat your right, it’s starting to rip. I realize this so I realize that I have to kind of baby the diaper a little bit. And not move it around a whole bunch. So I walk very gingerly toward the back of the hotel and I swipe my little keycard to get in. And where the elevator is, it’s about, I wanna say 20 feet away from this door across the back of the lobby. A fairly dark fairly quiet place that there shouldn’t be naybody. But lucky me, there was somebody.


MAKO: Who proceeds to get in the elevator with me! Now, I don’t remember the particular numbers, but I was on a higher floor than him. So I push my button and he pushes his button and the elevator starts moving. Now this elevator is one of those kinds of elevators that kinda shoves you around, it’s kinda herky-jerky. So we get up a floor or two and Bing! It starts doing that shake thing and my diaper starts going plllsh plllsh plllsh and plopping water on the floor again! And I’m making that kind of wavey watery sound, and I’m just red as a beet at this point. It finally gets to his floor and he’s just BANG! Outa that elevator as fast as he can go cuz he’s figured out what the deal is! Laughter

MAKO: And I’m just, at this point not only is the diaper rapidly losing it’s cohesion, but I’m so nervous that I actually have to pee too. So I’m hopping from one foot to the other which is not helping any. It finally gets to my floor, the doors open and I just zoom outa that thing and go heading for my hotel rool door and keycard myself in and immediately run to the bathroom and jump, carefully, into the bath tub. Which is good because right at that moment, all hell broke loose. The bottom of the diaper completely exploded. And this like, mutant alien tapioca from another planet you’re never meant to see just goes PPPPPLLLLLLFFFFFFTTTTTHHHH all over my feet! Just BAM into the bottom of the tub!

Loud chorus of laughter

MAKO: Ok so…


MAKO: Ha Valentalae.


MAKO: Oh no it’s good!

VALENTALAE: I have really obnoxious laughter.

MAKO: It’s really funny. Ya know what, turnabout’s fair play for the way you made me laugh. But anyway.


MAKO: And I’m not done yet either because now I’m congratulating myself that I’ve managed to avert this incident happening in the hall or the elevator or something. But now I’m trying to figure out, what do I do!? How do I clean this up? If I scoop it out and put it in the garbage can, well they’re gonna catch that. So I have this brilliant idea. Remember how I said that I’d been living in this hotel for days. So I have this collection of… No not the toilet I wasn’t that dumb. Almost as dumb.

VALENTALAE: Actually you can flush that stuff down the toilet I’ve done it. MAKO: You cannot because it floats too. But I had this collection of shampoo and complimentary cream rince. And what I figured out is when you drain the tub and have enough shampoo and cream rince it’s like lube and anything will go down that drain. But athat’s a problem too because for the week that I was there I had all these drainage problems with the tub. So I go to check out and they said, “So how was your stay? Is there anything we can do differently for you sir?” And I said “Well ya know, I can’t put my finger on why but about midway through the week I started to have drainage problesm with the tub. Maybe you should look into that.” And I’m totally keeping a straight face. And I drive home. And I had to come back for like one or two more weeks and the next week when I came back I didn’t get that room again but everyone at the front desk gave me the hairy eyeball every day.

SPACEY: Or so you think. This is a do as I say not as I do moment.

MAKO: Yeah don’t do that. Don’t ever do that.

Mae: Do not try this at home.

MAKO: and don’t do it in a hotel either for goodness sake.

Mae: This is performed by stunt professionals. Stunted professionals.

BENNY: I do have to say that the big wet swollen diaper, this is Benny. The big wet swollen diaper going swimming thing is fun for a whole lot of people and a good thing to go do at camp, not in hotels.

MAKO: right.

SPACEY: Indeed.

BENNY: I’m totally all for it at your camp or the camp you guys go to or the one that I go to, any of those kinky camping things is a good opportunity to give that a shot.

SPACEY: Assuming the propriators are ok with a diaper in their pool.

BENNY: Oh mostly I’m talking about the lakes. We have lakes at both of the campgrounds we use. There’s a pool at one of them but I wouldn’t do that in the pool.

VALENTALAE: Actually, half the reason I was laughing so obnoxiously Mako, is because this this isn’t the first elevator incident story I’ve heard from you.

MAKO: Laugh

VALENTALAE: I’m remember I think it was either episode 15 part 1 or 15 part 2.

MAKO: Oh right the poop in the diaper in the elevators.


MAKO: I used to have a lot of problems with elevators.

VALENTALAE: What is your thing with elevators?

SPACEY: That’s why his house now has stairs.

VALENTALAE: Is that, I just wanna know, is that why have your story about Emily, she’s in the elevator.

MAKO: Ya know I never thought of that before I guess you’re right.

VALENTALAE: Was that like an inspiration for…

MAKO: And actually that story is a piece of writing on my Fetlife profile so I’ll happily say SHOWNOTES!

SPACEY: Alrighty we wanna thank you guys for being on the show today and I wanna give you each a chance to tell people how they can get in touch with you if they’d like to hear more about your diaper experiences I suppose. Guess we should go around the room, go ahead Valentalae.

VALENTALAE: Ok so my name is the obnoxiously long name Va, Val-entalae … See I can’t even say it anymore. It’s spelled V A L E N T A L A E on Fetlife.


Matt: I’m Matt or Matty. I’m Justmatt on Fetlife it’s a more sensible name. It’s J U S T M A T T all one word.

MAKO: Next?

BABYDEMON: This is Baby Demon. You can get me on Fetlife as BabyDemon, or I regulate the chatroom that everybody’s in on IRC, #D-Diaper.

SPACEY: Very cool.

PETE: This is Pete. I’m Eedoo on Fetlife that’s double-E D double-O or you can also mail me at that’s again double-E D double-O. It doesn’t make any sense I just made it up at some point.

MAKO: Thanks for staying up so late with us Pete too.

SPACEY: Indeed.

BENNY: This is Benny, sorry…

PETE: Yeah it’s 3:47 in the morning at the moment.

SPACEY: Oh goodness.

BENNY: This is Benny. I can be found on Fetlife as Devianttouch and my shop is

SPACEY: That’ll be in the show notes.

MAKO: Yay!

MAKO: Next?

JAMES: Alright this is James. I am on Fetlife as Aclosetlife all one word and my blog is also

SPACEY: Very cool.

Sleepy K: My name’s Sleepy K and you can find me on Fetlife as Sleepyk or you can just message me. I also have a group on there called the Coalition of Rambunctions Youth. So if you wanna join that you can join that.

Ariel: Shameless plug. This is Ariel, you can reach me at Fetlife. I am Hisprincess33.

PSYCHE: This is Psyche you can reach me on Fetlife at Lovelypsyche, P S Y C H E.

SPACEY: Cool cool.

VALENTALAE: Where’s Kim?

Spacey and Mako in unison: Yeah we lost her.

SPACEY: Yeah we lost her from the conversation but we wanna think Kim for joining us and hopefully we’ll have her on in the future.

SPACEY: So, of course I get to do this. The chatroom is smart enough to remind me that they have a bunch of questions. So are folks ready to give a few more minutes to answer a few questions.

Chorus of sure.

SPACEY: I will start with the first one I see and this is from Shubear. It says, “Does everyone like using the word diaper? Do you have another word you prefer in stead? Maybe nappy or pamper?”

Ariel: Sleepy and I like apple.

Sleepy K: Yeah apples.

Ariel: That’s our code name.


Matt: It’s situational, pamer applies sometimes. It’s the context. If somebody who’s big to me says, “Gotta check your pampers” or huggies. It’s a bit more emersive.

MAKO: Some of my extended family, my extended poly family like to call them diders.

VALENTALAE: I actually have one this is Valentalae again. Me and my roommates kinda have a code name. We call ‘em, or at least I call ‘em wears or wearins.

MAKO: That’s cute.

VALENTALAE: Kinda hard to explain, “Yeah I gotta get some more wears.”

SPACEY: Is that Aunt Donna’s term?

Aunt Donna: No well, I just call ‘em regular…. I call ‘em incontinent briefs.

MAKO: Snorty laugh

Chorus of laughter

MAKO: Aunt Donna we love you!

Aunt Donna: What I like to do is I like to call ‘em protective undaweah!

Aunt Donna: What are ya protectin’ me against? There gonna be a bomb attack or something?


MAKO: Ah Aunt Donna kills me!

SPACEY: Alrighty.

PETE: I have something to add to that, Pete here. Since my native language is German obviously I don’t call them diapers I use the German word which is Windel, or the baby talk version of it which is windi. Doesn’t make any sense to you I guess but it makes sense to me.

MAKO: Ah windi is adorable!

PSYCHE: I call them dipeys.


VALENTALAE: I like the Danish word. The Danish word for diaper is ble.

SPACEY: That’d be harder for me to say.

MAKO: I like all these things cuz the thing that occurs to me about windi, which is spelled with a W, is that if you’re looking for a code word for in public you could say, “Kind of a windi day.” Laughter

SPACEY: Alright so we have more questions. Oh actually I do wanna interject, the babyfurs I know in the babyfur community, it seems to be almost universal that everybody in that community calls them crinkles. Everybody wears their crinkles.

JAMES: My wife calls them that too.

MAKO: I’ve heard cub pants too.

SPACEY: Yeah that seems to be newer for the folks that I’ve talked to. But yeah I guess that works too.

BENNY: This is Benny. When I’m getting spanked I call it armor.

Loud laughter

SPACEY: That’s when it’s a protective under garment.

SPACEY: So we have more questions. Fida from the chatroom asked, “What are the earliest years people can remember experimenting with diapers, real makeshift or otherwise? And what is your earliest memory?” And I’ll go ahead and dive inot that for me. My earliest memory with being interested in diapers actually comes from age around 3 or so. I was out of diapers by then but I found where my parents had stored some of my old baby diapers in a drawer. I went and pilfered one one day and thought I was being all sneaky and put one on myself. I remember I kinda got caught doing that. I don’t remember very much after that but that memory just stuck with me for a long time. I also have another memory from preschool around that age. I’m not really sure is a real memory or something that my psyche just constructed over the years. I needed to have some dental work done so they hgave me some drugs beforehand and I was loopy so they separated me from the rest of the class and the people who had to watch me were also the people that took care of the nursery. I think I remember them taking me into the nursery and I have some memories around that.

MAKO: It sounds made up but it sounds great.

SPACEY: Yeah I’mnot really sure if it’s a real thing or not but I can, in my head it feels like I’m going back in time and remembering that experience.

MAKO: Anybody else?

JAMES: I have an interesting story, this is James. My earliest memory has to be, I don’t remember the whole scenario but some time when I was about 2 or 3 I convinced my parents to keep me in diapers until my sister was born. When I was like 4. I don’t know how I convinced them that.


JAMES: I know, I was very, I don’t know.

VALENTALAE: A very persuasive toddler that’s kinda cool

JAMESPACEY: Yeah so soon after that I was potty trained but later around 6 was when I had my first experience with diapers. I snuck some at my grandmother’s house. That’s it.

Matt: This is Matt. Really weird, it seems like everyone has memories from when they were like 3 or 5. I didn’t get anything until I was maybe 8 or 9. For some reason my parents let me have this actual diaper collection for my stuffed animals. And there was one day that I was really sick and I had diarrhea and I had a couple accidents. So my babysitter at the time actually put me in one of the diapers for my stuffed animals. And she’s like, “If you can make it to the bathroom in time you really should, but I don’t wanna have to deal with anymore accidents.”

MAKO: Wow.

Matt: And oh I really wanted to share this! When I was 13 and my family just got the internet there was this book, I swear to God called the internet yellow pages that I found in the library one day. I know it sounds ridiculous it looked just like a big phone book but it was all websites. I remember looking in the index for diapers, and there was a page for the BBIF.

MAKO: Holy moly!


Matt: And that kinda got me started on everything. The entry was really really, it was like, “Some people don’t prefer cloth over disposable.” And it had the address it was really silly.

MAKO: That’s kind of amazing. What we’re talking about is the oldest resource on the internet for adult babies. It stands for…

SPACEY: That’s not true.

MAKO: Hmm?

SPACEY: That’s not true.

MAKO: It’s one of the oldest.

SPACEY: DPF may be the, or BBIF may be… Yeah I guess maybe. Lemme step down.

MAKO: Laugh

SPACEY: BBIF predates the website. I happen to know the oldest website on the internet.

MAKO: Well that would be yours.

Matt: I actually found Spacebabybob through that. Like 3 days later.

SPACEY: Hooray!

MAKO: Which I guess we could put show notes to it because it’s in the internet archive still.

SPACEY: I don’t think it would be. It was under protected and I had Robots not follow it.

MAKO: Oh that’s right.

SPACEY: But I have copies of it.

MAKO: Well the oldest recorded website and mailing list is BBIF. It

SPACEY: BBIF absolutely predates that website.

MAKO: And it’s this mailing list for adult babies, it’s great. It’s been around forever. Ya know Matt I’m like you. I don’t have like 3 and 4-year-old memories that are diaper-related. I knew I was into spanking when I was like 4 or 5. And I thought about that for a really long time. And when I was about, oh gosh, 9? 11? Something like that. I stumbled across a letter in a dirty magazine about diapers and it like cracked my brain open. And I’ve been obsessed with them ever since.

BENNY: So I have a really different experience if I can toss that in here.

MAKO: Please.

BENNY: I was 20.

MAKO: Wow.

BENNY: I was an adult when I discovered that they, I hadn’t even fantasized about it. But I discovered that they existed and it sort of blew my brain up right in the middle of the Walmart. I don’t know why I just had this really strong reaction to it. And it took me a while to get the nerve to buy them. And I needed to go to a 24-hour place and buy them at 3:00 in the morning. But it never even occurred to me as a kid. And I was kinky in a whole bunch of ways so it wasn’t like I was being sexually repressed or something. It just was something I added to my kink life rather than being the thing that started it.

PSYCHE: Yeah I’m the same here, Psyche’s the same. I was 27, or 26 before I ever put on a diaper. I mean I was kinky as hell since really young, but I started with bondage and the diapers are just the newest fetish for me.

SPACEY: Cool cool. So I have a few more questions out there. They get more complicated. Thanks Fida.

Mae: You’re wearing us out.

SPACEY: Alright. “Throughout the show there’s been several times when someone has spoke of diapers either as shameful or comforting. Limited to only one choice, pick a word to incapsulate how you feel about diapers and why. If you really need more words that’s fine, but try to limit yourself and not pick contradictory terms. Both shameful and comforting could be considered contradictory.” And he mentions that you are not limited to either shameful or comforting.

MAKO: I’ll go first cuz I have a perfect word. Contradictory.


VALENTALAE: There ya go.

PSYCHE: For me I would choose safe. I really feel safe when I’m in my diapers.

PETE: Yeah same for me too.

BENNY: That’s also the word I thought of.

MAKO: Me too.

SPACEY: And fun.

Ariel: Mine would be control. SPACEY: Control yeah that’s interesting.

JAMES: I do have to go with comforting for my word.


MAKO: How about liberating?

Matt: I think contradictory is perfect, I agree with Mako. Especially if you’re into ageplay as well as diaper lover stuff. If you have it as a fetish and as a regression.

SPACEY: And then we have a two-part question, and I think that’s gonna end our questions for the time being here. So I’ll throw it out here. It says, “A lot of outsiders to the diaper community see the diaper community as like creepy and stuff. So what would be a good way to get rid of these steriotypes? Or should we even bother? And 2, what are you talking about when you’re talking about this camp?” And this comes from thymine.


SPACEY: I think number 2 is really really easy to answer. There’s two camps that we’ve been talking about. Benny can talk to the camp that he’s aware of. Brother and I have attended this event called Camp Crucible. Which is a really awesome. So check the show notes for and you’ll find out about all the goodness as far as that goes. The best way to describe it is like BDSM fun kinky summer camp. And there’s lots and lots of ageplayers who tend to go there and it’s great.

BENNY: The other one…

Matt: This is Matty again…

BENNY: Go ahead.

Matt: There’s actually… No I’ll wait til your done Benny, go ahead.

BENNY: The one I was talking about, this is Benny, is called Twisted Tryst and the website is there was one last month in June in Indiana, the next one is going to be in September in central Wisconsen.

Matt: I was gonna say that there are a surprising amount of events like this. No matter where you are as far as everywhere in the continental U.S. There’s Camp Crucible there’s Dark Oddyssey there’s Fetfest coming up. I mean that’s only east coast stuff but there’s gonna be a big ageplay deal for Fetfest and thatn’s an inaugural event. If you guys wanna put that in the show notes.

MAKO: Yeah. I’ll be there too, I’m actually helping to organize the ageplay village.

SPACEY: Oh I almost jumped the gun here. So we should actually answer the other question which is how do we address people that see the diaper community as creepy or should we even bother?

VALENTALAE: Screw ‘em!

Mae: Don’t screw them.

PSYCHE: No, for me a lot of it is just exposure. I mean for me the best way to address them is to get out and show them that I’m a normal person and my fetish is not any weirder or crazier or kinkier than any of their fetishes. So it’s like exposing ageplay, a lot of people think ageplay is horrible or naughty or wrong because they’ve never experienced it. So I think if we get ourselves out there and we say “Hey look. I wear diapers. But I’m still the same awesome person you knew before and I continue to be an awesome person.” So whatever.

MAKO: I really wanna add to this too. There’s a thing that we say on the show all the time that if you want tolerance you have to give it first.

SPACEY: Absolutely it’s one of our primary themes.

MAKO: I have this thing I say about it. It’s funny, I get into this debate with people all the time. What about the welfare of the community? Or, what is it that we do to make ageplay more accepted? And my response to that is fuck that! Because it’s not about the community, there is no community welfare. It’s about individuals, individual people interacting with other individual people. I make it a really huge point in the interactions I have with people to let them know I like them as a person and I do not require them to be ok with what I do. And if they wanna understand it I’m happy to share and I’m happy to tell them, but I don’t need their approval.

SPACEY: Mommy had something she wanted to add.

Mae: Just that, people are more likely to be comfortable with your fetishes and fantasies if they’re allowed to come to you on their own terms. People are more likely to be more accepting if thy’re allowed to sit with their discomfort for a while and see what it’s really about for them. And then come to you with questions. Where if people pick up on the fact that, “Oh I really really need you to accept me right now!” it’s just gonna push them further away.

MAKO: Right it just doesn’t work like that. Mae’s got a really good point there and there’s a thing that you said that I really wanna call attention to. Someone’s discomfort with your diapers or your fetish, it’s their discomfort, not yours. It doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to them. They own it, it’s theirs. It’s their responsibility to deal with it if they do.

SPACEY: So Benny? You were gonna interject?

BENNY: First of all I totally agree with what Mae just said. I think this is a yes and response. First of all I think there is a big difference between the people inside and outside the fetish community. I really have no interest at all whatsoever in communicating with people outside kink and fetish communities about this because I think it mostly backfires. But when dealing with people inside the kink community I find that when I am comfortable and confident in the things that I am doing or talking about people respond with comfort to that generally. And when someone comes forward feeling a lot of shame or acting like they feel a lot of shame about their interests, then people sort of feel like maybe there’s something to be ashamed of.

Mae: Yes.

MAKO: Good point. Very true.

BENNY: So generally my recommendation to people is, keep it within kink communities because that’s where you’re more likely to get some acceptance. And when you do, like, it’s your thing. Be proud of it.

SPACEY: Abso-darn-lutely.

MAKO: Here here.

VALENTALAE: I actually had a question for the original asker of the question because I didn’t know if they were talking about the age play community as opposed to the kink community or the genera Jonny Q. Public community. So I didn’t really understand that part.

SPACEY: Sure. So I think for our purpose we’ll consider in the general kink community for now. We can clear that up later on a future show.

Matt: I actually have two more cents to add. As far as ageplay and people being squicked or weirded out by that, I had to deal with that too sometimes. I really never babysat when I was growing up, I’ve never gotten comfortable around real children and so when people are in that headspace I’m not quite sure how to come to them. Or how to act around them. Whether to be sort of condescending and sweet, or what. And I think some other people in the kink community have that same problem.

MAKO: Yeah I think that’s why in the end the important thing is to interact with other people as people. And not as fetishes.

Mae: Mm hmm.

SPACEY: Indeed. Alrighty so on that note we’ll again, thank everybody for being on here. Thanks to our great audience.

Mae: Thank you very much.

PSYCHE: Thank you for having us.

MAKO: Thanks you guys.

VALENTALAE: Thanks for puttin’ up with me.

SPACEY: Absolutely.

MAKO: Amazing.

PETE: It’s been fun.

BENNY: It was good to talk to you guys.

SPACEY: We get to do the part where we tell folks how they can get in touch with us. And we have a lot of great ways to get in touch with us. Probably one of the easiest ways is to write to us. And you can write to us at Hosts, H O S T S at And speaking of you can visit our website which is and check on the latest episodes we have on there and leave comments on them including this one. There you’ll also find the show notes.

MAKO: Which I’m getting caught up on.

SPACEY: That’s right. There are a couple of other great ways to get in touch with us.

MAKO: Well you can follow our show twitter which is at biglittlepdcast, pdcast not podcast cuz our name’s a little bit to big little for twitter. And our most favoritest way is you can call the show line which is 678-421-4256 but if you do, please be sure to let us know it’s ok to use it on the show.

SPACEY: Indeed. And I wanna ask you if you have another term for diaper, would you call in and share it with us on the show voicemail line?

MAKO: Yeah please.

SPACEY: Alrighty then. So thanks again for listening and we’ll look forward to talking to you and we’ll definitely be talking about this again in the future. Thanks.

MAKO: Hooray!

Mae: Hooray!

Chorus of yaaaaay!

VALENTALAE: Later people!

PSYCHE: Thank you!

Chorus of bye

MAKO: Thanks you guys.

Outtro music