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Big Little Podcast Episode 5: and Long-distance Relationships

Released March 2, 2011

Hosts: Spacey, Mako, Mae

Guests: Favorite

Transcribed by Valentalae.

FAVORITE: You’re listening to the Big Little Podcast, a show by, about and for age players of all kinds. We expect our audience to be mature, consenting adults, because sometimes the topics on this show are pretty adult too, just like you. If you’re under 18, and looking for upfront advice and information about sex, please visit

Intro music

SPACEY: Welcome to the Big Little Podcast, the show by, about and for age players of all kinds. I’m Spacey, and I’m also here with my brother Mako.

MAKO: And we’re here with our friend Favorite.

FAVORITE:Hello everybody.

SPACEY: And in the peanut gallery we also have my mommy, Marie.


MAE: Yay!

SPACEY: So, we’re talking with Favorite because Favorite has some interesting experiences. Some of Mako’s favorite experiences? I don’t know.

MAKO: That’s right.

SPACEY: He actually runs a very interesting website for age players called Idiaper?

FAVORITE: It’s actually called, so you can kinda see the little play on words there. What it is is an online magazine dedicated to the development of positive relationship dynamics for age players.

MAKO: That’s so awesome.

SPACEY: I guess I can go ahead and ask specifically. Is it for ageplayers, even those not interested in diapers, or are diapers a very important aspect of it?

FAVORITE: Well, it’s a site exclusively for age play, but it doesn’t restrict it to just the diaper side of things. There will be content coming at a later time hopefully once I get a few more contributors interested in producing that kind of content. Unfortunately right now it’s just myself, but I’m always looking for writers that have various degrees of experience that they’d be willing to write about.

MAKO: Ok ok, I’ll do it.


FAVORITE: Glad to hear it.

MAKO: So, I guess once people graduate from diapers and master the potty, they can still use the website?

FAVORITE: Oh absolutely, but only with Mommy or Daddy’s supervision.


SPACEY: So, parental supervision required, how interesting.

MAKO: So what got you started wanting to make the site?

FAVORITE: Well, I’ve been interested in diapers play since I was very little. I grew up using several sites that have died a very sad death, and I kind of wanted to step up and fill a void that I thought had gone missing after a few of these sites left the community.

SPACEY: Out of curiosity, are you specifically referring to sites like DPF or

MAKO: Or RUPadded?

FAVORITE: Yeah, exactly. Those two were the ones that came to mind.

SPACEY: Actually, RUPadded is still around. It’s slow, but it’s still around.


MAKO: Sorry you guys.

FAVORITE: That’s great, I love RUPadded. I signed up with them for a while. I didn’t stick with it because I didn’t meet as many interesting people as I did on Aby. That was really tough to get over.

MAKO: I’ll tell you an interesting thing that I’ve heard was a criticism of And before I get hate mail, I seem to say one thing every show that’s gonna get me some hate mail…

SPACEY: Send your hate mail to!

MAKO: No! Don’t do that.

FAVORITE: (Laughs)

MAKO: And this is not my opinion, it’s just something I’ve heard. A lot of people refer to as a big giant sausagefest. That it was nothing but guys and penises and diapers.

FAVORITE: I would kind of disagree with that. I’ve met plenty of interesting women on Aby.

MAKO: Me too.

FAVORITE: And I think that the… I’m not sure how to answer that. It is a big sausagefest, but I’m trying to figure out how to…


SPACEY: Well you know, I will say that there are plenty of ladies out there. I happen to know and be very close to someone who had an account on for a while.

MAE: I think that maybe the women who do join may be a little intimidated or overwhelmed, because there seems to be a big need for women in the age play, and especially the adult baby community.

MAKO: And we all certainly know that age players who are lonely have a tendency to act desperate and try to jump all down women's underpants the minute they say something. “Oh! You’re a woman? Maybe you could be a mommy. Maybe you could be my mommy!” Right?


SPACEY: I wouldn’t just restrict that to the heterosexual set.

MAKO: Oh no, not at all. So, I’m curious…

FAVORITE: Well, just like in the other website that offers that social media aspect, people are going to get bugged, and it’s kind of like wading through a cesspool sometimes, how you feel. There’s just so many people out there that are lonely and don’t have that filter and that was why I created my site is because maybe a person doesn’t know where to start with starting a conversation with somebody they’re interested in about age play or negotiating with their partner of 10 years that has no clue that they might be into diapers. I wanted there to be a central hub that people could go and read kind of Cosmo-like articles that are short, easy to digest, and get people talking about their relationship dynamic.

MAKO: That’s so great.

SPACEY: Very important.

MAE: So, what would you say are the top three things that mommies need to know about diapers? Or daddies for that matter? Since we’re being Cosmo about it.

FAVORITE: (Laugh) Well, I do have a couple of list-style articles up on the site right now.

MAE: Ok.

FAVORITE: And… I don’t know, the top three things… I try not to give advice on roles that I’ve not played.

MAE: Ok.

FAVORITE: Obviously I haven’t played the mommy, so I can’t give advice to that role.

MAKO: How about as a daddy then?

FAVORITE: As a daddy, I think the most important thing that you can learn is patience, and just being willing to take information as your little is ready to give it. Because, there’s a lot of walls that are up that have to slowly come down before you can trust a person in age play.

MAKO: That’s true. This is really edgy stuff for people, don’t you think?

FAVORITE: It is, it is. It’s very edgy and unfortunately the only resources that we have out there’s when somebody does something stupid and makes headlines like the OctoMom decides to start making amateur porn. Or a senator gets caught in a bathroom in a diaper or something. So, what people have heard about it at least in the mainstream media, is very charged, very unfavorable, and something that’s taboo and not to be talked about. Something that you should “stay away from cuz those people are creepy.” And that’s as far from reality as you can be.

MAKO: So, would you say that one of the reasons you’re interested in is to combat negative portrayal of age play in the media?

FAVORITE: Absolutely. That’s a big goal. Wouldn’t it be just absolutely awesome if you could walk into your local adult bookstore and right next to the dildos and the lube is a section for age players. There’s Bambino diapers, or books about age play like the Toybag Guide, or literature that was out there that helps people realize how fun and kinky this dynamic can be. So that when somebody does see something in the media they can recognize it and say “Oh, that’s so silly. That’s so blown out of proportion. That person obviously has no clue what age play is about.”

MAKO: I’ll tell you a funny thing about that. In Japan, adult baby play is really super common. It’s everywhere, as is Lolita play. And the Japanese word for… Omutsu? It’s really common, it’s as everyday there as like, spanking is here. Right?

SPACEY: Um, I wouldn’t quite go there. We went to Tokyo, and I would say that it’s out there. I would also say that the age play people work hard to separate themselves… Oh not the age play, the Lolita people work very hard to separate themselves from age play, especially here in the United States. Moreno there.

MAKO: What about the desperation and peeing stuff? That’s everywhere too right? Omorashi I think it’s called?

FAVORITE: I’ve heard of that.

SPACEY: So, according to a lot of adult literature stores while we were in Akiabar which is sort of the porn and electrics district of Tokyo. I looked really hard for…

FAVORITE: Porn and electronic? Wow!

MAKO: What a great mix!

SPACEY: Yes, it is a wonderful place to bee a geek. Anyway, we looked really hard to see if we could find, for instance, diapers or into age play or into porn, and not reading any Japanese that was really hard. We looked through a lot of stuff. A lot of varied stuff.


MAKO: Tentacles huh?

SPACEY: Right, well, at least. But didn’t find any of that. Didn’t know how to ask about it really. How many, we must’ve hit like five or six of the stores in the main area, some big big stores too.

MAE: Sam's Club level.

MAKO: Sure.

SPACEY: We also visited Harijuku, which is sort of the home of Lolita and the gothic Lolita and all that in Tokyo, and I would say that, not so much with the age play per se either.

MAKO: Oh that crushes me a little inside. I can tell you that I go out of my way whenever I frequent an adult store, which is not like every day, not like I need some sellary, some tomatoes, a dildo…


MAKO: But when I’m in those kinds of stores, I do make a point of asking for those things, because I don’t think it’s a judgment thing, I think it’s an economics thing. I think if enough people come into a store and ask, they’ll start carrying those things.


FAVORITE: Absolutely.

MAKO: I can tell you that in the D.C. area, there’s a store up in Baltimore called Chained Desires. And Chain Desires actually has a small adult baby section. They have plastic pants, locking plastic pants, and they were carrying little one and two-packs of diapers for a while. I personally tried to get some of the local other places to carry the Baby Pride pin. There’s a vender that goes around to Leather events who actually does carry it.

SPACEY: Right.

MAKO: It’s out there.

SPACEY: We’ve actually had some requests from some other venders to carry the pride pin here recently too. In fact, there’s a local club here, 1763. The owner has a little store in the club, and she always goes out of her way to tell me when she adds something age play related. She lets me know when they get jammies and that kind of thing.

MAKO: That’s awesome.

MAE: I think there’s a big disconnect between places that cater to, for example, the naughty school girl fantasy and people who cater to the adult baby fantasy. I think that in general, if it’s spanking related it will usually be catered to. Where, if it’s adult baby, you really have to find a place that really specializes.

MAKO: Right. Because spanking blends so nicely and school girl blends so nicely with other things, they’re kind of above that comfort line. Right?

MAE: Right.

MAKO: I don’t know, do you think that… I know that is meant for all kinds of age players. When you were coming up with the name for it, were you trying to get below that comfort line to let the diaper people know that this is for them too?

FAVORITE: Just a little bit, yeah. And I recognize it as some pretty awesome internet real estate. I also registered, which I hope to develop into a dating site.

MAKO: Ah that’s awesome!

MAE: Great.

SPACEY: Alright.

MAKO: “When your social life requires a change.” Something like that.


MAKO: I’ll definitely consult you when I go to come up with the slogan.

MAE: Are you on Fetlife, or similar sites?

FAVORITE: I am. I’m on Fetlife almost exclusively. I don’t really frequent a lot of the other community sites, but I am Favorite on Fetlife. And you can find me…

MAKO: You know that’s funny, because his profile, that’s my favorite one on Fetlife.


MAKO: Sorry, it’s an old joke, I’m gonna use it a lot.

SPACEY: So, as far as the website goes, what’s one of your most popular articles on the site?

FAVORITE: Well actually, the article that gets the most traffic according to my Goggle analytics is an article that I wrote about the difference between coercive and non-coercive paraphilias. Anyone who has taken sexology 101 knows that a coercive paraphilia is a sexual attraction that can get you into trouble, because you have to coerce your partner into participating. Nonconsensual public touching, of course pedophilia, which age play has nothing to do with. We should be sure to blast that out there, punch it in people’s faces if we have to.

SPACEY: (Laugh) Ok, now that we’ve done that…

MAKO: (Laugh) Every show.

FAVORITE: But, that is actually the most popular article. I think there’s a lot of people out there looking for content by psychologists about age play, trying to determine whether or not it’s “healthy.” So that drives a lot of traffic to the site, and that’s a big focus of a lot of article that I’m developing right now, is really well-resourced kind of… I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the series I’m working on right now is, it takes all of the different objects that can be, objects or props that can be used in age play, and takes a look at their objectives in fulfilling a practical purpose, or a fantastical purpose, or a strictly sexual purpose. And then I create this little chart that shows how everything is connected and they all… I don’t know, I’m big into graphs and vindiagrams and I’m trying to put information out there that’s a little bit more visually recognizable instead of just like a big term paper about psychology.

MAKO: Oh I am all about the vindiagram.

SPACEY: So, talk to me a little bit about what you’re influences are for the website. What have you read, what do you see online, what books do you like, who are the authors that have triggered you to want to go out and emulate?

FAVORITE: Well, that’s a great question. I think the biggest inspiration that I had for starting the website was just seeing blog post after blog post after blog post about “Why can’t I find a mommy?” or, “How come my girlfriend doesn’t accept this?” or, “I’m absolutely petrified that my family’s going to disown me if they find out about this part of me.” And so, building communication in those relationships is the single most important goal behind every piece of content that I produce for And it’s inspired a lot by, I wrote an article just recently about Polly Borland’s essay, The Babies, which if you haven’t checked it out… I was a photojournalism major in a past life, and it’s a really striking portrait.

MAKO: It’s amazing.

SPACEY: Yeah, I’ve seen it.

FAVORITE: But, I also have read the Toybag Guide to Age Play, which I’m working on an article about. It’s a little short and it could use a few more references, but it was very very insightful, hearing about all the different types of scenes that people develop on their own that have a little bit of an age play element to it. But I haven’t been to a lot of the clubs, I don’t do the club scene. So, hearing about that aspect of age play and some of the more daring people that put themselves out there in that way. That was quite inspiring because it helped me realize that there’s this whole other demographic that I can’t address, because I haven’t experienced that. And I need to find someone to fill that void as well. So, the entire site is built on a publishing platform that will allow contributors to sign in and write a blog post. It’s a publishing platform, and the more people that I get involved that have a multitude of experiences that they want to write about, they’ll be able to easily log in and be a part of an editorial process. And it’ll eventually be a Cosmo online for ABDL’s and little people.

MAKO: I do have to admit, I’m gonna do a little public disclosure. How Favorite and I first really started talking to one another is that he and, actually it was your babygirl I think that wrote it, wrote this really, amazingly flatteringly wonderful review of my novel, Aunty Eva’s Boarder.

SPACEY: Which has awesome photography I’ll point out.

MAKO: It’s true, gorgeous photography and everything done by the other heads of the Ghidrah.

SPACEY: Hooray!

MAKO: And I was completely knocked out by that. Actually, that’s not the only connection that the Ghidrah and has, is it? I’m thinking of that nice little symbol that you guys use.

FAVORITE: Oh of course yeah! The inspiration for our logo of course is the ABDL Pride, or Littles Pride logo. I kind of updated it to bring it into the web2.0 world. Inspired by the yin and the yang

MAKO: Woohoo!


SPACEY: Yeah, you updated it and told the Taoist about it.

MAKO: Yeah I was pretty knocked out.

SPACEY: That was like a know your audience kind of thing.

FAVORITE: Well, I hadn’t even known about The Tao of Kink until Mako and I started talking and I had developed the logo probably a year or six months prior to that. So, it’s just a fantastic indicator that we’re gonna get along well.


MAKO: I showed it to Brother and I was like, “Brother you have to see this!” I was like… I couldn’t ask for something this great! I was really really floored.

SPACEY: Actually…

FAVORITE: Well I’m glad you liked it.

SPACEY: I’m wondering if the… Nah never mind… I’m wondering if that’s one of the ones I saw on Fetlife and pointed you at first.

MAKO: You…


MAKO: You, me, I’m you, you’re me…

SPACEY: It’s all the same.

MAKO: Who knows?


SPACEY: So, that’s great. And it’s one of the reasons why we put the littles and baby pride symbol out there into the public domain is so that people can take it and use it as they see fit to use it.

MAKO: Absolutely.

SPACEY: Right. So it’s not just limited to, “We say you have to use it this way, so use it that way.”

FAVORITE: I’m a big fan of the public domain actually. Everything that is posted on is going to be released under the Creative Commons License. So anybody who thinks that they have something to say, expand upon an article, they wanna share it with friends, as long as they give attribution and don’t use it for commercial gain. Everything on is open for scrutiny, for discussion, for that wonderful collaboration that you get when you have people meeting on the internet. And that was something that I’m very excited about with the website, is that aspect of it. Putting everything out there so that it can be remixed, so that people can talk about it, and not have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes.

MAKO: That’ fantastic. That’s what this is all about right? It’s about teaching others and learning from others and encouraging pride and self-acceptance and helping people to enjoy what they are to the greatest degree. Right?

FAVORITE: Absolutely. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

MAKO: So, I have a question. We were talking about your lovely babygirl, and I would like to know more about that rather long-distance relationship that you have with her.

FAVORITE: It is a rather long-distance relationship. I’m down in the southwest and she’s up in the great north. So, there is quite a few miles between us, but we’ve been making it work. We originally met on Diaperspace of all places. Neither of us were really looking for a relationship, we kind of just had some playful banter back and forth. I made a comment about Veggietales and she commented back about a water buffalo, and it was cute.

MAKO: I love that song.


MAKO: Everybody wants a water buffalo.

FAVORITE: Yours is fast and mine is…

SPACEY: How long have you guys been together?

FAVORITE: Well, our first meeting was June 11th of last year, that’s when I flew up to meet her in person. But our first message we exchanged our first message on March 9th. So, on Wednesday we will, I guess “officially” have known each other for a year.

SPACEY: Ah, a messageversary. Nice.

MAKO: Wow, you should get like, a special header for her or something. I don’t know.


FAVORITE: I’m a geek, but not that much.

MAKO: So, how long is is between the times when you guys see each other? Like, in person.

FAVORITE: Well, I flew up for her birthday last month. Before that, there was another about, almost two months. Thanks Giving and then before that was, she flew down for my birthday. So we’re averaging about two months in between visits. We’re planning to getting together in Vegas in the beginning of May.

MAKO: Cool. Is that hard?

FAVORITE: It’s extremely hard, but I mean, we live in a digital age, so it’s not difficult for us to have at least an entire conversation over the span of a day. Whether it’s a text message or… We have regular Skype dates. We do story time on Sunday nights. Unfortunately our job schedules are complete opposites so we do rely quite a bit on texting and email to know what’s going on in each others’ lives.

SPACEY: Asynchronous communication is important.

MAKO: Yeah.

FAVORITE: Absolutely.

MAKO: For the non-geek people, that means not at the same time.

SPACEY: So, one of the challenges with communication in that format of course is there’s a lot of communication that happens non-verbally typically, right? I look at somebody, the expression on my face conveys some kind of meaning, how do you deal with those kinds of challenges?

FAVORITE: Well, when we Skype together we can see each other’s facial expressions and we kind of get a sense as to how each of us is feeling. There’s a lot of crying that goes on over Skype, I’ll admit that. But it’s comforting because that’s the way that our relationship started. I think that… I’ve been in long-distance relationships before that started off really close and then went long-distance. I think that is a bigger challenge to overcome than when you first start off dating online.

MAKO: Yeah, I’m kind of, well not anymore, but I have been in a similar boat. I had a relationship for many years where we started out… We weren’t as far away as you guys. It was about a 4-hour car-ride for us. I wanna say it was like a year, maybe almost a year and a half before we came together. Now we’re in the same place at the same time all the time. And I know that one of the things that was really a big challenge for us was maintaining power exchange and getting that since of caring with one another. Like, I could diaper myself on the web cam but it didn’t feel quite as genuine. Do you guys go through things like that? How do you deal with it?

FAVORITE: We save all of our play for when we’re together in person. We don’t do the Skypesex thing. I think that all of that wonderful, delicious intensity that builds up before each meeting helps us be really unstructured and instinctual in our play. I don’t see it as a challenge but just as…

MAKO: You’re just living your life huh?

FAVORITE: Yeah. Exactly. And taking it slowly. Because like I said, there’s negotiations that go on that we always talk about what what’d be fun the next time we get together. And then when it happens, it just happens. I feed off of her instincts and she feeds off of mine. I’m really lucky in the fact that she also role-plays as my mommy.

MAKO: Awesome.



MAKO: I know it kind of leaves you a little speechless doesn’t it? I know that one of the things for me that was really kind of great about my long-distance relationship was that… I think that there’s this natural order of dating where people kind of, you put on your game face and dress up real nice and go out to a fancy restaurant, and you do all these things in this very stayed, predictable order. But when you long-distance date, it’s all kind of flipped inside-out because… I think that texting with someone all the time and having that constant ongoing chat with them and these Skypedates and things like that… You really get to be inside each others’ heads, and you’re not so much worried about putting on your game face or worrying that you have lettuce in your teeth at the restaurant. And you get to talk about these big emotional things early, right?

FAVORITE: Absolutely. We talked at great length about future plans, about what we’re looking for, how wonderful it is that we fell into our current situation. It speeds things up a little bit when you aren’t… I mean as far as planning goes. It kind of slows things down as far as learning to live with each other. I’m frankly terrified that she’s gonna come down here and see what a slob I am.

MAKO: (Laugh)

FAVORITE: My bachelor pad is just torn to shit right now.

MAKO: And wow, she’s got a date record of it now cuz it’s recorded!


FAVORITE: Yeah, that’s right.

MAE: I think in general, in both the kink community and the age play community people seem to become both emotionally and physically more intimate faster than they seem to do in the vanilla community. People here, they seem to feel much more comfortable talking about things that would not come up on a first date.

MAKO: I think that’s true. I know that for myself, if you’ve spanked my bottom then I’m not gonna be shy about telling you that I liked the way your hair smells.

SPACEY: Indeed. The fact that I met my mommy at the local BDSM club, 1763, while I was dressed in a, what was it? Shortalls and a red T-shirt, probably made a lot of other conversations much easier to open up.

MAKO: (Laughs) I think that’s true.

FAVORITE: Absolutely, and I think when you start off dating somebody that you kind of already have a sense of this is what they’re into, it’s a big ice-breaker just right out of the running gates. I know my last relationship, I was six months in before I told her that I liked wearing diapers and getting spanked and those sorts of things. It was really nerve-wracking.

MAKO: It’s interesting. So do you feel like this time around, because you started out from a different place, that it’s made everything else easier?

FAVORITE: No. No I definitely wouldn’t say that it’s made everything easier. It’s made a few things easier, but in the long run, it’s still… An international relationship is hard to deal with just because there’s so many obstacles in your way.

MAKO: Just translating between English and Canadian alone!

FAVORITE: I know eh?


SPACEY: I’d also say that there’s a challenge when your relationships starts off centered around kink, in that making sure that that’s not all the meat of your relationship is wrapped up in that.

MAKO: Oh Brother you’re talking about the cake and the icing again.

MAE: Yes the cake and the icing.

SPACEY: But if you start that way it can be really hard to make sure that you’re not blinded by that.

FAVORITE: That’s excellent advice. I think that the way that you do that is you just keep the lines of communication open, you’re constantly negotiating, speaking about how certain actions, certain behaviors make you feel and…

SPACEY: Just making sure you’re presenting the rest of your regular life.

FAVORITE: Oh yeah, absolutely. We did nothing but present our regular lives for the first few months that we knew each other. We didn’t even dive head-first into the kinky stuff until we got together in person.

MAKO: That’s really kind of amazing and wonderful. So you meet each other in this giant vat of icing. You go “Ok we got that. Let’s talk cake for a long time.”

FAVORITE: Yeah exactly.

MAKO: I think that’s really smart!

SPACEY: It is. (Sings) Ice cream and cake and cake! Ice cream and cake and cake!

MAKO: Oh God that song again.


SPACEY: I guess it’s icing and cake and cake.

MAKO: That’s a little better. I’ve been trying to kill that ear worm that Brother keeps giving me for, like, days now. Where’s that thing from?

SPACEY: I’m not exactly sure, but we got inundated with it when we were at Disneyworld a couple weekends ago so, it’s been stuck ever since.

MAKO: It’s funny. So, what’s next for you guys? Where are you in the great plan to not be in two different places?

FAVORITE: Well, she’s finishing up school in the next couple months, and hopefully the next step of that is to get her down to the southwest. She’s a little sick of the cold and I can understand that, so what a better place than to bring her to Arizona?

MAKO: Awesome. I know that there’s… I forget Brother, there’s an Arizona munch isn’t there?

SPACEY: There is a group in Arizona that I know is having a kite-flying event in the near future. Of course when this airs that may be in the near past.

MAKO: Right.

SPACEY: I don’t know exactly the details of that group or anything. They’re not a munch that’s on, and I haven’t really interacted with their group owner all that much yet to be able and give you the details for that.

FAVORITE: I’ve sent a couple messages and unfortunately they’re not very well-organized and I think their last munch took place in 2009. I was on their mailing list for all of last year and didn’t hear anything.

SPACEY: I do know I’ve heard recently about a kite-flying event for a group there, but again I can’t vouch for the group. I don’t know much about them yet.

MAKO: Actually that’s another question I have for both of you. Well, you and for her remotely. Which is, how much interaction with other age players do each of you have in your separate places where you live?

FAVORITE: I have a few friends here in Tucson that I see on a very irregular basis. All three of which are hard-working big friendly gay guys that have their respective jobs and aside from that I don’t know many other people. I did a case study on someone out in California that I met for breakfast one time, but the last time we were in Calgary, we went to a meet-up group at a little coffee shop there. There were about, I think nine or ten age players that showed up to that.


MAKO: I heard there’s a bunch of good stuff in Canada. I forget where Orca is, I wanna say he’s in Toronto. I know that in Vancouver there’s Mistress Mommy Kat, and she used to do a big munchy-type thing in a kink group up that way.

SPACEY: Judging by the logs of anyway, Canada, tons and tons of places in Canada have been hitting the site. So, I know people are interested, people are out there looking. I’d also say that’s true in Arizona, both Phoenix and Tucson have shown up. So if you’re interested in hosting, let me know.

FAVORITE: I might take you up on that one day.

MAKO: That would be awesome.

SPACEY: You can listen to our first episode, we have some advice on how to host that stuff.

MAKO: Right.

FAVORITE: Oh, that’s right. That’s at Biglittlesmunch… Or

MAKO: That’s right.

SPACEY: There ya go! Woo!

FAVORITE: I totally screwed that up.

SPACEY: (Laugh)

MAKO: No it was awesome, and very authentic.


MAKO: And not planned I swear!


MAKO: Oh gosh, actually I wanna crow a little bit and say thank you to all the people who’ve been listening. Our group on Fetlife has grown. It’s got almost 50 people in it now. And what were the stats you were quoting to me Brother?

SPACEY: Ya know, I closed that down. I know for Episode 1, unfortunately my stats are limited because I didn’t start looking at them until recently, but I know Episode 1’s been downloaded more than 1500 times in less than a week. Last week.

MAKO: Wow.

SPACEY: Episode 2, about 1,300 times. And the 3rd one, which went out last night at 8:00, between last night 8:00 and midnight it’s been downloaded 200-something times. It’s nice to know that folks are our there listening. Or at least clicking the download button a lot.

MAKO: Right. We’ve either got a whole bunch of really great fans already, or one guy who really loves downloading this show all day long.


SPACEY: We really appreciate it. We’ve also got some great… Gotten. That’s for your grammar friend right there.

MAKO: (Sigh)

SPACEY: We’ve also got some great feedback through our… We have a group on Fetlife. So we’ve gotten some… Gotten. I’m doin’ great with that today.

MAKO: Did it again!


SPACEY: We’ve got some great feedback there. We’ve also got some great feedback directly. If you want to send us feedback, you can send it directly to We have our show phone number, which I don’t have up. Which Brother always likes to dig up.

MAKO: Yeah I’ll get it.


SPACEY: But, nobody’s been brave enough to call us and talk to us on that yet. So that’ll be interesting to see the first person that’s brave enough to have their voice show up from the phone line.

MAKO: That’s 678-421-4256. And let me say that again, 678-421-4256. And actually, there’s something I’m really looking for. One of the shows that we’re going to do at some point in the future is we’re gonna do a show about gear, stuff, diapers, pacies, onesies, school girl outfits…

SPACEY: Dresses!

MAKO: Paddles.

SPACEY: Cool hats!

MAKO: Cribs!

MAKO: Maryjane shoes!

MAKO: Yeah all that stuff! And so what I’m really looking for is for people to call into the line, or send us email, and tell us about stuff they got that they love, or don’t, and where they got it and to tell people that they should or should not shop there.

SPACEY: Girl scout and cub scout outfits!

MAKO: Oh yeah. (Laugh) Um…

SPACEY: Teddy bears!

MAKO: What other things should we tell folks? Oh, we have a Twitter account now too. Big Little Podcast it’s… Ah shoot I’m gonna screw that up…

SPACEY: It’s at… Or no, forget the .com. It’s at biglittlepdcast.


MAKO: Yeah we’re professional here.

SPACEY: (Sings) Dot com!


MAKO: So follow us! And we’re gonna have all kinds of updates there about the stuff that’s going on in the show. Future plans we have, or plans for world domination, recipes for gross baby food, I don’t know, all kinds of things.

SPACEY: Favorite, can you tell people how they might get in touch with you?

FAVORITE: Sure thing. You can find me on Fetlife at Favorite, and if you’re interested in getting announcements each time an update is made to, you can follow me on Twitter. The Twitter user name is Idiaperme, all one word.

SPACEY: Hooray!

MAKO: Thanks a lot, Favorite, this has been fantastic!

FAVORITE: Thanks for having me.

SPACEY: And thanks for listening!

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